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Time Management Tips for Students

Know when you study best. Are you most alert at night, midday, or morning? Develop a consistent study plan and stick to it. Keep distractions away from your study place. Turn your cell phone off and avoid Facebook and Instagram!

Budget your time. Do you know how long it actually takes you to get things done? Start timing yourself so you have a better idea of how much time to give in the future. This can include the time it takes to get home from school and the time it takes to complete your algebra homework.

Set deadlines for yourself. Write down assignments in every class including the DUE DATE and then check off items as you complete them. If your essay is due in 3 weeks, have an outline of the essay done in week 1, a rough draft done by week 2, and take the extra week for last minute edits. Be sure to mark your calendar with these mini deadlines and stick to them. Also be sure they are realistic deadlines.

Create a weekly and daily To Do List. Once a week block out time on a more detailed level for important commitments and deadlines you need to meet. Schedule time to complete tasks and get rest. At the end of each day organize and schedule your next day. Include routines, errands, and study time and meeting the deadlines you made for yourself throughout the week.

Keep your work with you. Always have something to read or work on for lulls throughout the day. If you find yourself with extra time (while on the train or bus or waiting for an appointment) you can get something done and be productive.

Stay motivated. Write your goals down. Perhaps you want all A’s or want to be in control of your time. Whenever you are losing motivation, remind yourself of your objectives and goals.

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