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Time Management – the MYTH

Can you Cherry pick your projects?
Can you Cherry pick your projects?

Perhaps you’ll find this useful in your work place, personal schedules or home environments. These opinions are strictly mine and I welcome your comments.

I’m a science/engineering type and believe there is a correct answer to problems that lend themselves to “hard science” … on the other hand I’m flexible when it comes to matters of the heart or “soft science”

Time as measured by the rotation of the Earth around our Sun one (1) time is what we agree to call a day and it’s equal to 24 hours. We all have the same amount of it and therefore there’s no more or less time only more or less use of it and we call that productivity. Guiding the productivity of time we find the ability to prioritize it every useful. In fact, those who master the prioritization of their time are found to be the most productive, successful and happy in every aspect of life.

There are several tips one can employ to gain productivity during the day such as these:

• “T.I.O.” – touch it once, as it pertains to paper that endlessly streams into our life. Deal with the
paper now, complete the task, pass it on, file it but no not STACK it
• Make brief notes “immediately” following a conference, meeting, or important conversation, highlighting what was discussed and what decisions were made.
• Keep simple records regarding the routine of your life. While detailed records are often kept at the office, this practice does not always follow into the home. Setting up such files in a file cabinet at home with the important folders for records will save time, and money by having the info available when you need it.
• Schedule quite time – daily and make it completely free from interruptions even text messages!
• Learn the art of saying “no” – every invitation to assist, participate, etc is not an event you have to participate in. This goes into “goal setting” as well – when you have a goal, and you know the required action steps necessary, these interruptions are easily seen to either fit into the action plan or not, if not the answer is, “I’m sorry. My day is already planned out, maybe next time – but it’s a no for now.”
• Use “waiting time” wisely.
• Keep your work area uncluttered and free of distractions. My mother’s old saying, “A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind,” is more timely today than it was years ago. If the shoe fits …
• Keep incoming “junk mail” to a minimum – both the physical kind as well as emails. Increase the security settings if necessary, set up a specific time to deal with this mail each hour and don’t violate you own rules!

Don’t underestimate the efficiency of management and delegation within the office environment. Who can accomplish the task equally as well or perhaps even better than you? Delegation – the most underutilized technique of “workaholics” that there is. Finally, spend the time needed to prioritize your activities prior to beginning them, I find the evening prior to be the best time for me, I sleep better.

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