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Time-management software conference in Galveston

Attendees in conversing with GHG and their affiliates in one of the conference rooms.
Attendees in conversing with GHG and their affiliates in one of the conference rooms.
David Haydon

GHG Corportation, a time management software company, held their annual electronic employee management systems conference at the San Luis hotel and resort in Galveston last week.

Employees and customers outside the main conference room of the San Luis Hotel during GHG's timekeeping conference.
David Haydon

The three-day conference contained sessions to educate new users of the software, and also gave companies that use the software the chance to interact with many of GHG's IT support, affiliates and representatives.

Lonnie Springirth, the financial analyst for Homeland Security Solutions, Inc., has used the software before, but attended the conference to see features of the system that they hadn't used initially out of the box.

"We met with a couple of the developers and IT personnel to put names with the faces," Springirth said.

The sessions were all held by GHG's staff, and involved aspects like HR roles, accounting business management and integrating with Quickbooks software. The latter was especially interesting to many of GHG's userbase.

According to Springirth Homeland Security Solutions bought GHG's software late 2013 and soon went live with it.

"That allowed us to finish that first payroll for us at the end of the year," Springirth said. "It's been very user friendly. The new software allowed all of our employees to enter their own time, where before we had to capture the time on a manual time sheet, and then payroll would have to turn around and repopulate it into the online timekeeping system."

Springirth mentioned that with the streamlined process, an entire 24 hours had been saved in processing time and pay.

"Our total payroll cycle, we start collecting payroll hours for the two week cycle on Friday and typically we'd post payroll by the end of the day, on Tuesday," he said. "With GHG we're posting by Monday. We've cut it down from a three day process to a two day process."

In addition to the sessions, GHG held an internet cafe in the billiards room of the hotel, organized booths with several of their affiliates and had live IT support for software users during the conference.

GHG is a Time and Attendance Software company with over 30 years of experience. According to their profile they offer easy integration, full leave management, web-based software, smart phone apps, and sign-in clocks.

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