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Time Management for Tech Start-ups

Using your time wisely is one of the keys to having a stress-free work life. Learning how to effectively manage your time will take practice, it is usually not a natural born talent. Time management is one of the first concepts attempted to be taught in many college entry classes, with students and professionals knowing the consequences of not using time wisely. Time management simply means making a plan and sticking to that plan.

Time Management

Time Management Strategies

Choose a Study Space
A wise option for managing time will be to choose an area that is free from noises and distractions. Probably one of the worst places to accomplish things is in your bedroom, where your bed and television will constantly be tempting you. A library, a park, and cafes are some common study areas of choice. Of course there is still a chance to fall asleep in a peaceful park, but it is much less encouraging than in your room.
It might also be a good idea to turn off your cell phone and close your Facebook tab, since these are also big distractions. Every second you check your news feed is a second taken away from completing your work.

Begin With the Most Difficult Task
Whether you are planning for one day or one week, begin with the most difficult task. You will be more motivated in the beginning a long assignment than trying to tackle it after multiple small tasks. Leaving the most difficult task for last can result in unsatisfactory or incomplete work.

Be Positive and Don’t be a Perfectionist
Manage your time with a positive attitude. If you learn your upcoming week will be filled with projects, errands or whatever, sulking about it for days won’t take your responsibilities away. Know that you can get everything you want completed and on time if you use proper time management.

Try not to be a perfectionist, because nobody is perfect. Maybe you didn’t get the results you wanted to from a speech you worked so hard on, or bombed the interview you have waited weeks for. Keeping a positive attitude and remembering that perfect doesn’t exist what causes great leaders and businesses owners to keep doing great things.

Set Goals
Begin with the end in mind. What do you wish to accomplish at the end of your task or tasks? Having clear goals will help you better achieve them in the time you want. Try to be realistic about the goals you set also. There’s no way you can lose 50 lbs in one day, unless you are getting liposuction.

Tools for Time Management

A common tool for time management are calendars. Whether they are paper or electronic, calendars provide a day to day agenda on what tasks we have to complete. Many online calendars offer time sections, so as you are planning your day you can put exactly what times you want to do tasks.

Time Tracking
Tracking the time you spend on tasks can also help you manage your time effectively. Online calendars, such as Google calendars, can help with keeping note of the amount of time you spend on a project. The Android and iPhone markets offer numerous apps to help increase productivity such as which offers a complete suite of tools including to do lists, time tracking, and team collaboration from nearly any web enabled device. You can even time track by setting a stopwatch in between tasks.

To-Do Lists
Keeping a to-do list is another important feature of time management; to be sure you remember everything in your hectic day. Luckily, there are many to-do list apps to choose from, some with features ranging from simple to very complex. Smaller tasks may be more appropriate for to-do lists, such as remembering to email a coworker back.We also recommend using mind mapping tools such as in order to better plan your overall strategy. It becomes a lot easier when you can draw out your tasks and goals instead of just writing them down. Some people are more visual and prefer having diagrams, so you may find it to be very useful!

Time is very important when working to meet deadlines and the primary cause of not completing tasks is just poor time management. Developing time management skills is an important skill that will probably be used for majority of a working adults life. Remember that time management is something that has to be developed and practiced, and you will find that having these skills will create the productive person you want to be.

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