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Time Magazine Asks "Is Snowboarding Getting Spoiled by Big Money?"

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On Sunday, published an article titled "Is Snowboarding Getting Spoiled by Big Money?"  Journalist Christina Crapanzano used Wedneday's gathering of Olympians, which included top halfpipe snowboarders Shaun White and Scotty Lago, with president Obama at the White House, to pen a thoughtful piece about the growing risks as the tricks get more extreme. 

To quote a few lines: "But as Olympic snowboarders are soaring to new airborne feats, some in the sport are worried about the extreme risks and seemingly endless dollars being spent."

Among the points she covers are the willingness of companies with seemingly bottomless funds to actually create halfpipes where to snowboarders can train privately.  Red Bull, for example, funded Project X, a private halpipe for Shaun White at Silverton, here in Colorado.

Click on "Snowboarding" to read the article.


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