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Time-Life Books return. They are starting small but get ready for the future

Two by two . . . as Danny Kaye sang
Two by two . . . as Danny Kaye sang
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If we can turn back time . . .
Time-Life Home Entertainment Inc. is making news . . . they will reintroduce the iconic Time-Life Books brand, reinvented and re-imagined with today’s readers in mind. The books will have entirely new editorial content and packaging. The first two books, World War II in 500 Photographs and Everything You Need to Know About the Bible, are available now as full-color paperbacks ($17.95) online and wherever books are sold for the first time ever.
Time-Life Books enable readers to become “instant experts,” offering engaging content that’s easy to digest. Complete with exciting design elements such as timelines, list sidebars, and callout boxes, these books are high quality and highly visual. Powered by a “quick access” concise format, Time-Life Books are unique products in the marketplace at an affordable price point.Just as they did decades ago, the new TIME-LIFE Books focus on topics that fascinate the curious reader. The initial publishing tracks planned explore topics in history, religion, true crime and science. Two more titles are planned for the Fall-Winter season: Mysteries of the Unknown (Fall 2014) and Mysteries of the Criminal Mind (Winter 2015). Moving forward, Time Home Entertainment Inc. plans to publish a minimum of four T-L titles a year. More are already in the works for 2015 and 2016 within these four categories.
Just in time for this year’s 70th anniversary of D-Day and the 75th anniversary of the start of World War II, World War II in 500 Photographs tells the gripping story of the greatest conflict in the history of the world through 500 compelling images, including Pearl Harbor, D-Day, and Iwo Jima. It guides readers through the entire war through incredible photos and fresh perspectives, plus rare color photos and artifacts. In addition, the book includes features such as “War by the Numbers” stats, “Faces of War” profiles, and photo timelines. Everything You Need to Know About the Bible can help any reader who wants to quickly gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. This is a complete, illustrated guide to the Bible’s essential history, characters, scriptures and messages—and what it means for us today. It guides readers through the key stories, people and books of the Bible, while exploring how and why it was written. The book is filled with gorgeous color images of classic art and spectacular photographs. In addition, readers will find charts, maps, essential “Verses to Know,” and more.
For more than four decades, Time-Life Books were a part of the fabric of American life. Millions turned to Time-Life Books to explore new worlds and expand their minds. In an era without national book store chains, the internet or social media, Time-Life Books offered access into topics like history, religion, science, culture and the mysteries of the world. Multiple generations of readers gained knowledge, but also pursued interests through the riveting images. The two iconic brands—Time, which offers journalistic integrity, and Life, which brings illustrated/photographic authority and the most arresting visual images spanning different eras—made a powerful and impactful combination."
The Time-Life brand resonates with multiple generations and we wanted to create new titles that future generations could embrace as well,” said Stephen Koepp, editorial director, Time Home Entertainment Inc. “With our focus on epic events and absorbing subjects, we’re helping T-L Books fans visualize and understand great moments in history that have an enduring impact on us.”

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