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Time is running out for shepherd mix named Jake


Jake's spent his first year in an abusive home

Every once in a while, you hear a story about a dog or cat in such a sad state that you feel your heartstrings yank, not just tug.

Such is the case with Jake, a one-year-old shepherd mix at the Denton Animal Shelter.

Amy with the Denton Animal Shelter has put the word out that Jake is running out of time. “I am begging for help on this one,” Amy said in her e-mail. “This poor boy…is running out of time. He was so afraid when he got to the shelter that he did not walk for DAYS!”

Amy describes Jake as affectionate, friendly toward other dogs, and yet a little shy. He was taken to the Denton Animal Shelter about two weeks ago and would sit in the back of his kennel shaking whenever someone walked by.

It appears Jake may have come from an abusive home. He has scars on his head and his jaw is not properly aligned, leading Amy to believe he may have been kicked in the head.

Amy said Jake is a smart dog. “He has come so far in the last two weeks. He even kissed me yesterday!” But, Jake’s time is just about up. The Denton Animal Shelter is not a no-kill shelter and Amy is desperately trying to help save Jake’s life. This poor guy appears to have gotten off to a rough start in life and he deserves a chance to enjoy life and feel loved, cared for, and protected.

If you think you can make a difference in Jake’s life, please contact Amy sooner rather than later at or stop by and see him at the Denton Animal Shelter at 300 S Woodrow Lane or call 940-394-7594.

For more info: If you know of a dog or cat in need of rescue, please contact Angel at