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Time has run out for young dog named 'Lobo'


Update 5/9/14: Lobo was rescued!

Lobo, a young, German shepherd mix, has been sitting inside of a kennel run at the South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center in Calif., since March 30 and his time has run out.

The dog, who is not even two years of age, has had no interest after all of this time and he must exit the facility before the weekend...otherwise he will become just another sad statistic.

The Petharbor profile for Lobo reveals little...he is listed as 115 pounds and one year and seven months of age - there is nothing about his personality, but it is noted that he is neutered, so he, at some point in time, had a family.

Given the length of time that Lobo has been allowed to survive at the facility, he must not have any "glaring" faults...the type that facilities warrant as being severe enough to destroy a dog quickly.

Please take a moment to share this big pup's information - he is out of time and out of options and his current predicament is completely out of his control.


  • Petharbor profile here
  • ID#A1467092
  • (888) 452-7381
  • Facebook thread unknown

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