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Time has run out for these dogs at Greenville high-kill shelter

Time is up for August
Time is up for August

Time has run out for these dogs at a high-kill upstate shelter, Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue reported February 18.

Time is running out for Sparky
Facebook: Greenville County Animal Care Services

These sweet, unwanted dogs, located at Greenville County Animal Care Services in upstate South Carolina, are at risk of euthanasia due to lack of space if someone doesn't step up for them by 8 a.m. February 19.

Please share this article with those you know in rescue. Don't allow location to prevent you from sharing, as many rescues from outside South Carolina rescue from the Greenville Shelter.

To those of you wishing to adopt one of these beauties, keep in mind Greenville has a vast transport network, and will work with an adopter to get the dog to their new forever home.

If you can find it in your heart to save one of these dogs, please check this page for further information, including the animal ID number. There are many more dogs at risk than pictured in this slideshow.

If you can save just one life, please email the shelter at Be sure the subject in the email states whether you wish to rescue or adopt and the animal ID. This is critical in finding the dog, since the Greenville shelter takes in hundreds of unwanted animals every week.

Rescued dogs make the best pets, and many have a sixth sense at knowing they were saved from certain death. For the most devoted four-legged family member you've ever had, adopt a shelter dog today.

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