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Time for Senators Hatch and Lee to permanently end long-term unemployment

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It is time for Senators Hatch and Lee to show some leadership on a national embarrassment . . . the fact that 20 million plus Americans are unemployed or underemployed.
If Utah's senators would help shift Congress’ priority from playing self-serving political games to creating millions of new jobs, they could be instrumental in finally and permanently ending long-term unemployment in America.
Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee could lead an initiative in which the federal government would ask each state to objectively evaluate its educational, energy, environmental, health care, infrastructure, security, and transportation needs and develop strategies to design, develop, produce, and deliver the products and services required to meet those needs.
Utah, for example, may need to weatherproof thousands of commercial buildings and homes while California might need to earthquake-proof thousands of commercial and residential properties while New York might need to replace antiquated water treatment facilities in selected communities while Connecticut might need to rebuild hundreds of crumbling bridges while Florida might need to build a statewide high-speed rail system while Illinois might need to rebuild hundreds of crumbling K-12 schools and on and on it would go.
How many millions of jobs could be created throughout fifty states?
Millions more jobs than we have now . . . perhaps as many as 20 million or more.
I know that Senators Hatch and Lee could very easily dismiss my suggestion by simply saying, Hey, Davy, we cannot afford to spend the billions it would take to fund such an initiative!
I wonder, would the honorable senators agree that a $1.6 trillion down payment might help allay that concern?
According to Citizens for Tax Justice, nearly 300 Fortune 500 corporations – Apple, Coca-Cola, GE, IBM, Microsoft, and too many other familiar entities to list here – are sitting on $1.6 trillion in U.S. dollars in foreign profits to avoid having to pay U.S. taxes.
What if Congress and the White House told those corporations that they could bring all that money back to the U.S. and pay no taxes whatsoever . . . so long as they invested the entire amount in the new national priority I’ve outlined here?
Big corporations would save tons of money on taxes and could be guaranteed to get their money back over time in treasury-backed securities, plus interest.
Millions of Americans would be back on the job . . . paying income taxes, Medicare taxes, social security taxes and sales taxes, while buying homes, cars, groceries, clothing, computers, furniture, televisions and more and subsequently creating millions of more jobs for millions more taxpaying Americans.
Senators Hatch and Lee and you, dear reader, may criticize my solution to your heart's delight but I at least offered one.
Why haven't you?

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