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Time for politicians to learn capitalism from communist China

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. John Kerry speak to the media about climate bill
Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. John Kerry speak to the media about climate bill
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Renowned American astronomer and author Carl Sagan once wrote, “We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.”

Senate democrats have decided to abandon the energy and climate bill because they don’t have enough votes to stop the republican filibuster and they don’t want to risk their chances in the November elections. Instead of showing leadership, President Obama is playing it safe.

For Republican senators, a market based cap and trade system under Obama is akin to socialism. The irony is that the first major cap and trade system in the US was introduced as part of the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) in 1990 when George Bush, Sr. was the President. It was a sweeping reform which included a, now highly successful, cap and trade system (termed as emissions trading then) for sulfur dioxide control. It was a good thing under a republican president but unacceptable under a democratic President. Now “cap and trade system for carbon” is such dirty term that even Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid has avoided using it.

The American public is thoroughly confused on what to believe with their leaders clearly divided and calling for opposite actions. “Climate bill” means nothing for them as long as jobs are secure and gas is cheap.

The sad truth here is that even if this bill were passed, it was so much watered down that it would have made hardly any impact. However, it would still have been a small step in the right direction. Both Democrats and Republicans could have claimed this as their victory rightfully and helped the country move forward. Instead now China will take the lead on this as well as it is going to start a domestic carbon trading during its next Five-Year Plan beginning 2011. "The market-based carbon-trading schemes will be a cost-effective supplement to administrative means," said Yu Jie, an independent policy observer. China is adopting a market based approach for carbon trading voluntarily and it is time for our politicians to learn lessons on capitalism from communist China.

The decline of America began with the election of George Bush, Jr. at the turn of this century and that process is still continuing unabated thanks to the senate that has the political power but is ignorant and arrogant.


  • Stan Transue 5 years ago

    Dr. Jawaharlal; Sulfer dioxide is a known deadly toxin even in tiny doses with specific sources and an independently verifiable negative impact on the enviornment. Also, aside from volcanos, it is entirely produced by human activity. CO2 fits none of these criteria except that we know we produce it.

    Next: Cap & Trade would do NOTHING...let me say that again NOTHING to reduce global carbon output. But since CO2 has no verifiable negative impact on the enviornment that's OK. The problem is that Cap & Trade would finalize a century of Leftist destruction of the American industrial base and economy while siphoning off what little capital we have left to thrid world nations as a reward for never having risen to the dispicable level of industrialization.

    The ultimate effect of C&T would be to reduce America to the pre-industrial feudal lifestyle while enriching nations smart enough to avoid such a suicidal law - like India and China.

    To claim otherwise is to be a fool or a liar.

  • Stan Transue 5 years ago

    By the way: your title has nothing to do with your article.

    AND there is the minor point that capitalism is not practiced anywhere on the globe; nor is there anyone in government either here or in China that has the least interest in or appreciation of Capitalism.

    What China and the US both practice is Fascism (an authoritarian banking/political/corporate/media oligarchy) for the same purposes as all Fascists have ever had -- to make themselves immensely and undeservedly wealthy and powerful by feeding off the labors of their citizens, thereby them to serfdom.

    If THAT is the lesson you think America needs to learn from China, you are too late -- we're already there, and well ahead of the curve because they are on the economic rise (which is the beginning of the collectivist cycle) and we are already on the downside: collapse (the inevitable and intensional endgame for all collectivist ideologies).

    As a "Democrat" Examiner, THIS is what you promote.

    Shame on you.

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