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Time for Mocha Monday again at Java Espress!

The 17th Street and Holmes Java Espress location is shown here January 31.
The 17th Street and Holmes Java Espress location is shown here January 31.
R. Scheunemann

"Mocha Monday" at Java Espress is an event that many Idaho Falls patrons look forward to with anticipation.  Granted, it isn't an incredibly noteworthy event, but getting your daily mocha for 25 cents less helps a little even in these recession-pressed times. 

Java Espress, which offers drink specials every day of the week, dedicates each Monday to the same drink: the mocha.  And the mocha is a drink that Java Espress makes exceptionally well (and cost-effectively, say, when compared with Starbucks).  The drink special on Monday includes the traditional dark chocolate mocha, white chocolate mocha, white and dark swirl mocha, Aztec mocha (a spicer version with cinnamon), and the Golden Kiss mocha (which essentially isn't really a mocha at all, but uses caramel syrup in place of chocolate). 

Being a drive-thru coffee hut, Java Espress also strives, as part of their service, to get you in and out as quickly as possible.  So this, coupled with the Mocha Monday special, can be just what commuters need to get the workweek started off on the right foot.  A word to the wise, however: even with baristas working their hardest to get your drink to you in the speediest possible fashion, there are still those morning rushes where the guy ahead of you has ordered drinks for his entire office.  The best time to arrive to place your order is shortly before or after the hour, not at half-past or twenty-til.  That way it is easier to beat the rush of people trying to grab coffee before they are expected at work at 8 or 9 o'clock. 

Mocha Monday, 25 cents off a 16 or 20- ounce mocha (hot or iced), is good at all three Idaho Falls locations.

Happy Monday!