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Time for Letterman, ACORN, Rev. Wright to buy Rams

                Sure, Rush Limbaugh may rub many people wrong. He is critical of most every politician, black or white, Democrat or Republican, man or woman. But for Roger Goodell, a number of players, the head of the NFLPA and a few owners to say “the NFL has a higher standard” than Limbaugh to be an owner of the St. Louis Rams is pure hypocrisy (
                Okay, NFL owners, Mr. Smith (head of the NFLPA) and players, let’s take a look at your proud history of a “higher standard” in the past decade alone: Rams player Leonard Little still allowed to play football after killing innocent people while he drove drunk (geez, just like Ted Kennedy, another American hero); a Panthers player in prison for murdering his girlfriend; Adam “Pacman” Jones allowed to play again after being a part of a shootout at a strip club leaving one man paralyzed for life; Ray Lewis racing away from a stabbing in Atlanta a few years ago with alleged blood on himself, a stabbing that left one man dead; Chris Henry and many of the Cincinnati Bengals with rap sheets as long as my arm.
                So has Rush Limbaugh done any of these truly heinous activities? Was he killing dogs with his bare hands, served prison time and is now paid over $1 million per year like the Eagles pay Michael Vick? No, but he’s white, successful, pro-life and conservative (I’m all these things but successful so Rush and I must both be racists).
                The double standard in EVERY issue today is disgusting. Letterman has multiple trysts while he is married/dating his current wife---he’s a hero according to some for handling it so well. Stories of Ted Kennedy’s drinking and driving and making political deals while snookered---he’s a great American. ACORN caught on tape promoting child prostitution as well as tax evasion---the “right” set them up. Reverend Wright preaches to President Obama and his family for nearly 20 years, is caught on tape stating “g*&d$%n America” and other ridiculous claims like whites put AIDS in blacks: he is “preaching the truth” according to many.
                Rush Limbaugh loves this country, from what I have briefly heard of his show. If Hillary Clinton or John Edwards had won the presidency, or even John McCain (Republican), and if the country was blowing through tax dollars with money we don’t have, Rush would be all over them even more intensely than he is against President Obama.
                But today especially, every possible chance to use racism or sexism or class warfare as an excuse to keep conservatives quiet and promote a society that is owed something by hardworking people like me is the norm. 
                For NFL owners, players and the players’ rep to speak out is their right; the same America Rush cares about, freedom for all races and sexual orientations and genders and levels of wealth to speak out as free Americans, is the same America that wants to silence Limbaugh because either false stories are out about him or because, more likely, politics are in play and the jealous left can’t stand the fact that Limbaugh is the highest paid, most listened to and most successful talk radio host ever.
                Well, I don’t care who buys any pro team. But when Mark Cuban can put out a movie portraying American troops as robotic child killers in Iraq and he can still own a team, that tells you all you need to know about the slant of the media today. And when Michael Moore can make a hack movie about the end of capitalism, after he has made millions only in America because of capitalism, and be applauded by the liberal media as a hero, that tells you what way the media leans each and every time.
                Maybe people like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan can recruit Charles Barkley and all these other “offended” former millionaire black pro athletes who feel white America has enslavened them all these decades as they were made rich; they can pool their money and buy the Rams and see how easy it is to make it as business owners when you put your own money down on the table. Then we’ll see if they appreciate people like Limbaugh and myself who go out every day and try to make our businesses succeed without the built-in excuses that seem to be used every time there is someone critical of the White House today. You will wish Rush did buy the Rams because when you have to put up your own money and deal with greedy players and agents as well as fans that want lower ticket prices, you will find out it was much easier to take cheap shots from the media side instead of having your own skin in the game. 
Businesses like pro football only succeed with strong leadership, not skin color. So if you don’t like Rush, fine. But put up the money yourselves and run the team or be quiet; using skin color for an excuse in what really is a different view on politics has no place in the reasons why Limbaugh wants to buy the team. You’re lucky he has fought for freedom and individual success/failure in the former democracy here in America or your millions would be shared with all the players who weren’t as good as you were---how would you feel about distributing your wealth to those less talented and less deserving than you? I didn’t think so.


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