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"Time for Judgment!"(1 Peter 4:17)

"Time for Judgment!"(1 Peter 4:17)
"Time for Judgment!"(1 Peter 4:17)

For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?"(1 Peter 4:17)

People have had the opportunity to choose between right and wrong. The right behavior yields certain results and rewards. Wrong behavior yields punishment and correction. There is a difference shown between what is acceptable and what is not. A society normally has a set of rules for people to follow. They also have ways to address them when broken.

God, the Creator of all, has set rules for behavior. He judges between those who do wrong and those who do right. His judgment against evil brings wrath and anger. God hates sin and will address it with correction. First before sending His judgment he wants to turn people away from wickedness back toward Himself. He sends men and women to warn His people and the nations to repent. He pleads with them to change. God does not like or take pleasure in people being destroyed.

Judgment is part of God’s character like His love. His holiness cannot ignore or accept sinfulness, evil, and/or wickedness. He must administer justice. This is administered to His people first. Believers in Christ Jesus are God’s people where His Holy Spirit resides and will receive judgment against sin. It also reaches the nations. Prayer is vital. God looks for intercessors/prayer warriors to stand in His presence to turn away His wrath and give mercy. He does not want any one destroyed, but He wants to extend the grace of repentance.

Believers, take God’s judgment seriously! Pray for mercy, salvations of souls, and the kindness of God that leads people toward repentance! Amen!