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Time for catching huge slabs of crappie

Now is the perfect time for you to head to your local fishing hole to catch some big crappie. The weather has been warming a little and the water temperatures are great for finding some big slabs. Local reports have shown that a lot of crappie is being caught around the Santee area and in Manning, South Carolina. All across the southeast reports have mirrored South Carolina.

Great fishing for large crappie
Richard C. Ryder

All you need to do is decide which type of bait or lure you want to use. I prefer to use live bait when I get the chance. Minnows are perfect for this time of year since the crappies are suspended down around 5 feet or so depending on the overall depth of where you are fishing. Using very light weights will allow the minnows to move around and be more effective in getting the crappie’s attention.

If you want to go the route of artificial baits, you cannot go wrong with using Road Runner spinning lures. They are extremely effective in catching nice crappie. You may want to use a bit more line strength as this lure will also get the attention of some smaller largemouth bass that are looking for an early spring snack. Jigs are also a great choice, fishing them the same depth as you would the minnows.

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