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Time for calm in Michael Brown case

The protests just keep on keeping on. Last night night saw more trouble in Ferguson, Missouri, ostensibly over the killing of Michael Brown. But are the protesters, even when peaceful, helping or hurting their cause?

Every rational person wants justice, in this case as in any sad incident. But it seems as though the actions of the Ferguson citizenry, or at the least a small number of them, may be stoking the fires to no good purpose. Isn't it time to take a breath and give the process of justice a chance? Whatever else may be thought, it isn't as though the case is going to go away. There are too many people involved and too many levels of government for that to happen. Marching every evening won't change that.

Yet, perhaps, justice isn't the point. It is that outlandish to wonder whether the protests are really thinly veiled threats? Is it within the realm of possibility that the people of Ferguson want Officer Darren Wilson convicted, or else? Many of those protesting have made it quite clear that he's guilty and that's all there is to it. Such are hardly calls for justice.

What everyone, those who think Brown a victim and those who fear Wilson may be railroaded, needs to remember is that very few people actually know what happened that night. As should be expected, there are conflicting reports of what exactly went on during the altercation. It is hardly justice for anyone to act too certain about culpability.

Let or at least give justice a chance to play itself out. This won't be over with for a very long time. But it's time to let the process go on, unhindered by any presuppositions.

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