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Time for a new grill

Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen

It seems these days that some barbecue grills just weren’t built to last. Shoddy parts, faulty designs and rust are all major flaws in your grilling equipment. Especially if you don’t take care of your stuff! Enough sounding like your grandparents, but, most of what they said is basically true.

It’s that time of year when the barbecue grills and smokers begin their march from the back of the garage to front stage on the patio. The weather here in the Frozen Tundra (aka Michigan) has started to cooperate just a bit and unleashing these beasts is the first step to tantalizing your taste buds and entertaining friends.

The second step would be to field check your grill:

  • Does it have all four legs?
  • Is the bottom rusted out?
  • Are there still handles attached?

If you find yourself needing a new grill, try doing a little investigation before you take the plunge. Keep in mind you get what you pay for here in America and when it comes to purchasing a good barbecue grill, spending a few extra dollars now will serve you better in the long run. Buying a small no name charcoal grill and hoping it will last a few years versus buying a nice one, keeping it maintained and making it last for many years is an easy decision.

Your local hardware store or home improvement center will have grills on the showroom floor for you to look over. Talk to the salesperson and be direct in what you want in a grill. Ask questions and they will be more than happy to go over your options. Do some research on the internet to explore the different grill models and barbecue set-ups.

Research some things like:

  • Should I buy a charcoal, propane or natural gas grill?
  • How much room do I have for the new grill?
  • Do I need a rotisserie setup?
  • Is there a side burner and storage?
  • What type of grate should the new one use?
  • What price range fits my budget?

Here are a few websites that may make your decision a little easier:

  • Char-Broil – These grills are the most widely popular here in the states. The products range from charcoal or propane grills to a very nice Tru-Infared system. The Tru-Infrared grill uses less fuel, allows for faster cooking times, makes it easy to smoke with wood chips, makes juicier food, and limits the flare-ups.
  • Brinkmann – These folks have a plethora (that’s right pleth-o-ra) of outdoor cooking products. Their internet showroom has charcoal smokers, propane grills, tabletop units and many other cooking accessories. A little more money, but you are paying for quality.
  • Weber – Charcoal, propane, Weber-Q series, smokers, portable units and even an electric setup are the products presented here at the Weber website. Be sure to watch out for the Weber Grill Center, because this structure could make you want to re-finance the house for that bad boy.

Now for the outrageous cooking products:

  • Bull BBQ Depot – Got an extra few thousand dollars lying around the house?
  • Big Poppa Smokers – Got that craving for a huge smoked hunk of beef or pork? Be sure to bring your wallet!
  • Woodland Direct – This site has it all!
  • Viking – These are for the rich bastards that don’t need it, but can afford it.

Now that you have some of the facts, go find a grill that matches your needs. Actually, many of you could cook a perfect steak with a couple bricks, a grate and some firewood, however, what you are actually looking for is convenience with all the bells and whistles without taking out a loan!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and don’t forget your bib.

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