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TiMaG Magnets can do it all

TiMaG Magnets are stronger that just about anything
TiMaG Magnets are stronger that just about anything
Photo Courtesy of TiMaG Magnets

Let's see... strange pitches for June included vaporizers, various watches that say they will do just about anything, next-generation active-wear and magnets.

Magnets? Hmmmm.

I became more interested when these magnets were billed as the strongest magnets in the world.

The verbage says, "up to 50x stronger than any normal refrigerator magnet and it’s made from Grade 5 Titanium, the same stuff used to make fighter Jets!"

I had to keep reading.

Who couldn't use another refrigerator magnet? But these are so much more.

Resembling little colorful bullets, the TiMaGs look great and they work.

While they do everything a traditional magnet would do, these little powerhouses take it up a notch.

Ever try to pull a tiny or wedged in battery out of a device? It's tough if you are a guy and don't have long fingernails. The TiMaG does a great job and grabs a hold of the battery and doesn't let go.

Need to hang a picture frame on the wall? The TiMag serves as a stud saver and finder. Just slide the TiMaG Magnet across the wall and you will feel the pull or maybe your magnet will stick to the wall when you encounter a metal stud. A bonus, with a 5.5 pound pull, the TiMaGs are strong enough for holding up any pictures and most shadow boxes.

I'm sure you have a water heater, but do you want to hear a little known fact? You can actually prevent corrosion inside your water heater by placing a TiMaG right on the freshwater intake pipe. If you don't know what that is, you can Google it. By doing this, the TiMaG will catch metallic calcium particles that can cause serious damage to pipes, etc. Over time, they can ruin your working water hear and cause more than $1200 in damage.

The TiMaG comes in two styles: solid or keychain style with a hole in the center. The hole is just the right size to fit a keychain through, so you always have a TiMaG with you.

TiMaGs are made right here in the gold ole USA and specifically in Iowa. It's listed as a Kickstarter product, but it's out; I have two right here in my hand. I usually won't write about crowdfunding campaigns, but since I was able to try and hold this item, I'm writing this review.

You can get one TiMaG for about $15 and two for about $22. The more you order, the price does go down.

I love it. Magnets will never go out of style and now I have a TiMaG super magnet to do all my dirty work. It's a workhorse and a powerhouse.

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