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Tim Zickuhr, from 'IRT,' arrested for kidnapping, extortion and coercion

Tim Zickuhr
Tim Zickuhr
History Channel

Tim Zickuhr, former driver from “Ice Road Truckers” is in legal trouble. He allegedly kidnapped a prostitute and then forced her to jump out a second story window. TMZ reports that police charged Tim with first-degree kidnapping, extortion, and coercion.

Snow White, the prostitute’s alias, told law enforcement that Tim hired her on December 18, 2013, to perform certain services. She alleges that Tim gave her his ATM card and told her to withdraw her payment. Later on, he accused her of taking more than their agreed upon price.

They agreed to meet up the next day at his apartment so they could settle the bill. Tim had other plans for Snow White. When she arrived at his place, he brutally attacked her and punched her in the face. After tying her up with backpack straps, he continued his assault on her. He threatened to kill her if she didn’t return the money that she took.

He poured cold water on her from a mop bucket and then locked her in a closet. When he demanded that she give him the phone number of someone who could, or would, give him back the money, she gave him a number.

Tim called the number and demanded $1,000, or he would kill Snow White. The phone number that Snow White gave him was to a police officer. When the officer arrived, Tim made the kidnapped prostitute to leave out of his second story window.

Police arrested Tim and he admitted to everything. Tim will appear in court sometime in May.

Tim has not been on "IRT" since 2011.

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