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Tim Wildmon attacks Beyoncé over "disrespect towards Jesus Christ"

Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon

Ladies and gentlemen, progress is being made on the Religious Right's latest campaign in their never-ending war against freedom of speech and equality in the United States.

For those unfamiliar, the first step in an extremist volley is to claim that an example of freedom of speech in the free market of ideas at work is actually a vicious act of totalitarianism by evil anti-Christian liberals who will soon be rounding up and executing Christians who refuse to bow down to Allah, submit to gay sex, or whatever else they presently have a stick up their butts about.

Once a successful rebuttal has been mounted against their stupidity, the Religious Right's Plan B is to concede that they were being bigoted and/or disrespectful, but to latch onto a minor triviality, blow it out of proportion into something just as bad as their offense, and lash out at the media for not covering it as well.

No doubt you are already aware that the Religious Right's latest obsession is the suspension (and reinstatement) of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson following his anti-gay, pro-Jim Crow statements to GQ Magazine.

Now in order to pretend there is a Hollywood double-standard, Tim WIldmon of the American Family Association has latched onto an Instagram photo of Beyoncé in which sits in front of the image of Jesus in an Andy Warhol rendition of The Last Supper at a Miami juice bar.

"Is nothing sacred anymore?" Wildmon asked the Christian Post. "This is clearly an act of disrespect towards Jesus Christ, whom Beyoncé covers up with her pose. This had to be done intentionally. However, you will not see the media condemn her for offending Christians in the same way they did Phil Robertson for offending homosexuals because there is a double-standard. Christians are the only group in America you can bash with impunity."

Back in reality, what this clearly is instead is a militant fundamentalist trying to lobby a seating arrangement to be comparable to someone who said blacks were happy being oppressed and compared homosexuality to bestiality.

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