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Tim Russ talks ‘Star Trek: Renegades’ part two

Tim Russ
AL Ortega

Continued from PART ONE

Well known and loved in the sci-fi community as Tuvok from TV's Star Trek: Voyager,’ Tim Russ is enjoying an amazing career as both an actor and director. Born in Washington, DC and raised all over the world, his very impressive filmography includes roles in TV’s 'Samantha Who’, and the films 'Star Trek Generations', and 'Live Free or Die Hard.’ Fresh off his highly anticipated project 'Star Trek: Renegades,' Russ took time off to chat about this exciting pilot which he states has a different look and feel compared to previous series. Not only is Russ an incredibly talented actor and director, he also happens to be a guitarist/singer who has several CD's to his name.

Q. Back to your ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ days, I noticed that you played the role of Tuvok in two ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ episodes. How did that turn in to being one of the stars of ‘Voyager?’

A. Those episodes were "mirror universe" story lines. So my character could exist in the alternate universe as Tuvok, but living in an entirely different life. It was very cool; I enjoyed working with the other cast on the adjacent sound stage those weeks.

Q. Do you have any hidden talents that your fans would be surprised to find out about such as music, singing, hobbies?

A. I am in fact a guitarist/singer, and I have several CD's on the market as well as downloadable mp3's of my music. I play regularly in L.A. and my gigs can be found on my website. I have also been an amateur astronomer for 25 years, with 4 telescopes. I also do Voice Over work from time to time, a number of video games and some commercials.

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