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Tim Perkis will bring his electronic gear to C4NM following his Outsound gig

Scott Walton on piano in a duo performance with Tim Perkis' "live" electronics
Scott Walton on piano in a duo performance with Tim Perkis' "live" electronics
by Jeff Kellem, courtesy of the Center for New Music

As has already been discussed on this site, Tim Perkis will be applying his skills in live electronic improvisation to wrap up the 13th Annual Outsound New Music Summit this coming Saturday when he joins cellist Doug Carroll to provide “backup” for the avant-garde virtuoso vocalist Jill Burton. He will then pack up his gear and take it to the Center for New Music (C4NM), where he will perform further improvisations in a duo with bassist and pianist Scott Walton. Walton is at home in the “classical avant-garde” traditions (if that concept is not oxymoronic), which emerged particularly during the second half of the twentieth century, as he is with both straight-ahead jazz and free improvisation. When Perkis and Walton collaborate, one can expect a performance rich with atonal flourishes, pops, smashes, sudden surprising torrid excursions, and low rumbles.

The Perkis-Walton duo will be followed by a solo piano performance by Eli Wallace of his own compositions. Wallace’s work is also influenced by both free improvisation and the vocabulary and rhetoric of jazz, along with a sensitive awareness of the twentieth-century contributions to the keyboard repertoire. Wallace will use his half of the evening to play the debut of his three-movement “Water Row,” in addition to selecting other pieces from his repertoire.

This double bill at C4NM will be curated by Jon Raskin, who has also planned another duo performance for later in the month of August. This second concert will bring together that talents of Robin Holcomb and Wayne Horvitz, both of whom are both pianists and composers. They will present an evening of improvised and composed music for solo piano, two pianos, and piano and voice (with Holcomb singing in that third category). Two beautiful grand pianos will be brought into the C4NM performing space for this occasion.

C4NM is located at 55 Taylor Street, about half a block north of the corner of Market Street. Admission for both of the concerts that Raskin is curating will be $15 for the general public and $10 for members. Tickets will only be sold at the door. Both concerts will begin at 7:30 p.m. The double bill of Walton-Perkis and Wallace will take place next Tuesday, August 5; and Holcomb and Horvitz will perform on Sunday, August 17.