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Tim McGraw may face lawsuit as slapped fan demands justice

Tim McGraw has been under the microscope in the worst way since video of him slapping a female fan lit up the internet earlier this month, and now that victimized fan may be slapping Tim McGraw back with a lawsuit.

Tim McGraw may be headed back to court, this time defending his angry behavior
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Billboard reported on Saturday that the female fan who was struck by Tim McGraw at a July 13 concert in Atlanta is now demanding an apology from the country star. Furthermore, she is considering taking legal action in the form of a personal injury lawsuit.

After TMZ released a video which shows Tim McGraw slapping a woman who was in one of the front rows at his Atlanta concert, the internet was afire with people accusing the singer of being an abuser and country fans not knowing what to think.

Huffington Post had originally reported that a rep for Tim McGraw stated that the singer was simply trying to protect himself from this fan who wouldn’t let go of his leg while he attempted to move through the crowd. He wanted to keep her from ripping his jeans and he wanted the freedom to move on to other audience members who were waiting to touch his hand.

When Tim McGraw finally spoke out, however, he told People that he simply reacted instinctively, that the incident was “unfortunate” and that he just wants to move on without any more being said about it. It doesn’t look like that is a satisfactory response in the eyes of the female fan. Apparently, she feels humiliated and whether she was right or wrong for obstructing Tim McGraw’s path that night, she feels that she deserves compensation for her suffering.

For country music fans, this incident is quite unsettling. Tim McGraw has always presented himself as a gentle, loving, family man. From spending some exclusive bonding time with his daughters at the time of each of their births to stating that he and his wife of nearly two decades, Faith Hill, make sure they aren’t apart for too many days at a time, the singer has always seemed to be the conscientious, caring kind. He comes across as funny and humble in interviews, but is there another side to Tim McGraw?

Some fans wonder if he may have a hidden, angry streak. Some believe no man could strike a woman unless he has a flaring temper. Others, however, stand fast to Tim McGraw’s innocence in the whole fan-slapping incident, not wanting anything to tarnish the sparkle of their favorite star.

It would be interesting to hear from other fans who were right there next to the woman in the audience. No one else can really say what transpired before the fan was escorted out by security. So far though, Tim McGraw is only issuing a short statement and it seems to be his side of the story against the fan’s declaration that she was humiliated.

Tim McGraw just got through with a lawsuit aimed at his former record label. Hopefully, he won’t find himself back in court again, this time as the defendant.

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