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Tim McGraw mans up, settles slapped fan incident out of court

Tim McGraw settles with slapped fan, puts incident behind him
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Tim McGraw has endured much scrutiny in the past month ever since a video of him slapping a female fan went viral, but the slapping incident has now been settled. The video, which showed the country singer slapping a woman with enough force to make her head jerk to the side, had people coming out of the woodwork to accuse Tim McGraw of being a hot-tempered abuser.

That image didn’t gel with the family man image Tim McGraw has always displayed, however. Married to country star Faith Hill for nearly twenty years and raising three beautiful daughters, Grace, Maggie and Audrey, Tim McGraw has been nothing short of a doting daddy and husband who still has a gleam in his eye for his wife.

Thankfully, his image may now be restored. Country Weekly reported on Thursday that Tim McGraw has resolved the issue with the fan.

When Tim McGraw slapped the woman, now known to be Jesslyn Taylor, at an Atlanta concert in July, fans were shocked, hurt and confused. Tim McGraw issued a statement that he reacted out of pure instinct in a split second when the female fan grabbed at his jeans and obstructed him from moving through the crowd. The singer said he didn’t feel good about it, but he thought everyone should just move on.

That answer apparently wasn’t good enough for Jesslyn Taylor, who reportedly hired a lawyer and was considering seeking damages for her humiliation and suffering. In an article by The Boot, however, the fan is accused of touching Tim McGraw inappropriately in addition to ripping his jeans and keeping him from walking across the stage toward waiting fans. Perhaps further review of the video and some time for both parties to think things through contributed to the settlement out of court.

In the exclusive with Country Weekly, it’s said that Tim McGraw settled the issue the old fashioned way, with a “simple conversation.” Though no one really knows what was said during that conversation, if an explanation of reaction and admission of regret took place face to face, Tim McGraw deserves some respect. If instead of hiding behind lawyers or remaining silent, he chose to own up to is part in the incident, it shows a level of maturity that many stars don’t seem to possess.

In such a litigious society, it seems that matters quickly blow up into monstrous court cases whereas in days past, people could speak to each other civilly, shake hands and bury the hatchet without so much ado. Kudos to Tim McGraw for keeping his cool, even if he didn’t in the heat of the moment onstage, and resolving the matter without a lot of unnecessary name-calling or finger-pointing.

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