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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorce: Claims of Tim drinking, still new music video

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorce rumors are still enduring this week, despite the couple seeming to have a very happy relationship together. Celebrity Dirty Laundry claims this Friday, June 27, that the main reasons leading up to the alleged breakup are due to husband Tim’s drinking problems and even accusations of cheating. Yet in a bit of evidence suggesting the country duo is actually getting along, both recently released clips of a music video for a new featured song, “Meanwhile Back at Mamas.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorce rumors go on, drinking claims
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In a world where celebrities often get together and then split on a seeming whim, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have flipped the odds by not only staying in marriage together, but by maintaining a happy, romantic, and supportive one. Yet some media sites seem intent on claiming that the country music couple’s relationship is rocky enough that it might even lead to divorce. The root of the rumors is apparently McGraw himself. A combination of Tim's drug usage, lavish partying, and a dependence on drinking are cited as an “open secret in Nashville.”

It was the National Enquirer that alleged Tim McGraw would sometimes sneak out after a fight with Faith Hill and drink so much alcohol at local bars that he’d start acting far unlike the married man he is. After years of this alleged decadence, Faith finally said he either cleans up his act or get a divorce from her. Their source alleged:

“She wasn’t going to stand by while he killed himself. Tim McGraw begged Faith Hill not to leave him – within days, he quitdrugs and alcohol cold turkey! Faith began calling the shots in his life and staged an intervention – telling him what he needed to do if he wanted to keep his family together.”

Yet all of the divorce gossip aside, Enstarz reveals that Tim and Faith are trying to ignore the rumors and focus on their relationship, their family, and of course, their music. Just this week, the talented singers shared with the public a special look behind the scenes at their new music video for one of McGraw’s upcoming songs, “Meanwhile Back at Mamas.”

In what seems to dispel people’s remaining fancies that Faith Hill holds any enmity against her husband’s past drinking or alleged problems, the “Breathe” star wanted viewers to get a real glimpse into the couple’s actual home life on their farm in Tennessee. Rather than posing as music video caricatures, Tim and Faith choose to act as themselves in the song clip, providing everyone an in-depth look into their 18 years of marriage together.

"We're having a good time," Faith shared with fans in the middle of their Entertainment Tonight interview. "This is very relaxed and this is kind of how we are when we're not on stage."

Tim McGraw seemed to be on the same page as his wife, saying that it’s been a pretty relaxing experience. In many ways, their video reflects their home life as a close-knit family enjoying one another's company. "[The video is] sort of us just hanging out... relaxing," he added.

“Meanwhile Back at Mamas” seems to be just one great song coming out of the “My Next Thirty Years” singer’s upcoming album this fall. Do you believe there is any truth to the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw divorce rumors? Whether valid or not, Faith and Tim are forging ahead with their lives. It fortunately doesn’t seem to be that the country music duo is letting any stress or external celebrity drama get in their way of their individual happiness or marital bliss.

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