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Tim Lambesis sentence set, faces six years in prison

The former As I Lay Dying vocalist was convicted and sentenced to 6 years in prison for soliciting and conspiring to kill his wife Meggan.
The former As I Lay Dying vocalist was convicted and sentenced to 6 years in prison for soliciting and conspiring to kill his wife Meggan.
Bob Weatherton/CBS

The former As I Lay Dying vocalist was sentenced earlier today in a San Diego courtroom to six years imprisonment for felony charges of soliciting and conspiring to kill his estranged wife Meggan, which he plead guilty to back in February. Among those packed into the courtroom were Lambesis' former band mates, family members, and supporters for both sides - about 80 in total.

Meggan's parents addressed the court first, speaking about her character and the positive influence she brings to other people. They claimed that Lambesis saw their daughter as "an inconvenience" in his "rock star life", that he was abusive to her, and that he only showed any remorse for getting caught, not for his actions. Her father Mike Murphy said that the family still fears for their lives saying "We know that prison is a great alibi for someone who wants to complete the deed." He asked for the maximum 9 year sentencing. Meggan also spoke, reading a prepared statement. She said that her estranged husband's behavior had become dangerous and that he was abusive at times, bullying her. She described feeling "as fragile as a piece of paper that could float away at any moment." She asked for maximum sentencing and a lifetime restraining order. During this time, Lambesis did not look at her directly but did listen attentively. He only looked at her when it was his turn to speak, fighting through tears to get words out. "I do feel deep remorse. I want to thank you… for your prayers… in the midst of everything that I've done… that you have still have the heart that you do" he told her, not being able to apologize prior because of restraining orders against him. Meggan kept her composure throughout, her eyes fixed on him fearlessly.

Lambesis' attorney filed 200 pages of pleadings in sentencing, hoping for leniency in his client's punishment. He also said that his client had given up any future contact with their adopted children as well as Meggan. The man whom Lambesis had attempted to hire in his assassination plot - a personal trainer at the gym where he worked out - was faulted for providing steroids to Lambesis, altering his behavior to such irrational and different conditions than normal.

The judge argued that plenty of men use steroids and performance enhancing drugs, but do not try to kill their wives, instead citing "a flaw of character..something twisted inside" for the murderous actions. He also found it disturbing that Lambesis wanted to use his children as an alibi. He then handed down the 6 year sentence, giving a credit of 48 days already served in custody. Meggan and the children were promised 10 years protection. She also has a civil suit against Lambesis for $2 million, which will mean another court date.

As for the future of As I lay Dying, the band's website contains a mysterious message that reads the group is "sleeping rather than dead"; it is mysterious because it was posted anonymously and no other members claim to have posted it. It goes on to say "In terms of music, Tim doesn't want to pursue performing live music full time regardless of what length his sentence ends up being. His sentence certainly won’t be forever, but even so, touring full time doesn't seem healthy or practical given his new outlook and goals. Creating new music is the part Tim loves most and he will always continue to release albums."

The remaining members, Jordan Mancino, Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert have announced that they plan to release new music under the name Wovenwar, with Oh, Sleeper's Shane Blay on vocals. They have signed to Metal Blade Records and will put out an album this summer. The first single off the release is called 'All Rise'.

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