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Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying sentenced in murder plot

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Tim Lambesis is best known as the lead singer of San Diego band As I Lay Dying. He was sentenced to six years for plotting to kill his wife, Meggan Lambesis. According to Entertainment Weekly on Friday, Lambesis' prison sentence came after he pled guilty for attempting to pay to have his wife killed.

The couple were reportedly separated and Meggan was restricting access to the couple's three adopted children. Further, Lambesis was upset with the amount of money his soon-to-be ex would be getting in the divorce settlement. With six years to sit in a prison cell and think about it, it's a pretty safe bet that the former As I Lay Dying singer wishes he'd just paid up.

Lambesis pled guilty in Feburary for the plot to have his estranged wife Meggan murdered. Apparently Mr. Lambesis wasn't too careful in choosing an assassin because he was ultimately busted after soliciting an undercover police officer to do the deed.

The original arrest was made in May 2013 and was followed by a quick investigation. Tim Lambesis, faced with the testimony and evidence collected by the undercover officer, confessed quickly and pled guilty. He will receive credit for 48 days already served toward the six year sentence. Lambesi also faces civil action as his estranged wife did file a lawsuit for $2 million in damages.

The heavy metal band As I Lay Dying were due out on the road later this month to tour but it looks like that might not be happening. Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso, and Josh Gilbert from the band were in attendance when the sentence was read. There have also been no updates to the band's official Facebook page since Lambesis' arrest.

Meggan Lambesis' father Mike Murphy was also attended the sentencing hearing. Although Lambesis apologized for his crime, Murphy insisted that he might try to finish what he started. "We know that prison is a great alibi for someone who wants to complete the deed," pled Murphy. The judge agreed and set up protection for Meggan and her children for ten years.