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Tim Hawkins, proof humor can be both funny and clean

Comedian Tim Hawkins came back to the greater Reading area on Sunday June 1st for two hilarious shows at 4 and 7 PM at Glad Tidings church in West Lawn.

Tim Hawkins for those who don;t know is a Christian comedian, singer and songwriter who is well known for his stand up routines as well as for parodying popular songs such as Billy Joel's "Piano Man" as well as "Candy Man"

Hawkins opened the sold out 4 PM show dressed in a Bavarian outfit. He then broke into a parody of the song, "These Are A Few of My Favorite Things," from Mary Poppins cleverly entitled "These Are A Few Things I Don't Care About." Once done Hawkins stripped off the Bavarian outfit to reveal a shirt and a rolled up pair of jeans.

The crowd reacted with laughter to his change of attire so Hawkins broke into a bit about how handsome he is and how hard it is for the ladies in the crowd to control themselves.

The crowd knew they were in for a night of fun and laughter. Hawkins didn't disappoint them. Tim Hawkins comedy is a clean alternative to all those other comedians who feel a few curse words here or there makes their bits a little more crowd appealing. He is also a reminder to all Christians that God does have a sense of humor.

Hawkins states in an interview on, "A lot of comics really put a lot into being liked by other comics. I gave up on that a long time ago. Know who your audience is, and be good with that."

The nearly two hour show featured some of Hawkins knowing his audience and giving them what they wanted by mixing in some favorites like "Yoga Pants", "Muffin Tops" and "Atheist Church" along with some new bits such as "101 Cuss Words Christians Can Use." The crows roared with laughter throughout the night even when Hawkins picked on them, making light of the West Lawn Area as well as Lancaster and such other notable people like the President.

At the end of the night, which passed by quickly the crowd walked away with sore ribs and a little more joy in their hearts after laughing continuously for two hours.

Along with Tim Hawkins was an equally funny comedian with an unforgettable voice, Bob Smiley, who entertained the crowd while Hawkins took a break.

A Tim Hawkins is highly recommended for anyone who wants to experience some good clean humor.

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