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Tim Graney challenges Ron Paul to a debate: Where are you Congressman Paul?

Not a career politician
Not a career politician
Tim Graney for Congress


  • Jim 6 years ago

    I would certainly enjoy this debate. Ron Paul likes to promote himself as the outsider, but in fact he has been in DC for 30 years. While there are many aspects of Ron Paul's philosophy that are embraced by Conservatives (not just Libertarians), there are other parts that are impossible to achieve, or too dangerous to contemplate.

    Ron Paul expects the support of the district's GOP base, but rarely does he attend any functions or permit any direct questioning from GOP members that are not part of his chosen circle.
    By all means, let's turn on the lights and have a debate. If he has time for Ben Stein, he has time for Tim Graney and the constituents of the 14th district.

  • Brian 6 years ago

    Jim, while it's true he's been in Congress for many years, all that goes to show is how even though much has changed, even more has stayed the same. Ron Paul has been speaking the truth for so long, and regardless who is in power, regardless what person fills the seat, they still try to ignore him. I'm glad many people are finally waking up to realize just how ineffectual and corrupt the system itself has become.

    As far as Ron Paul debating this guy Graney, I'm all for it. I can't imagine anything Graney could come up with that would defeat Paul's logical approach to things...Nor his strong voting record in support of the Constitution.

  • H King 6 years ago

    How did that debate work out for you Mr Graney? It takes more than talking points to defeat a man that could write a treatise of free market economics without notes.

  • Perry 5 years ago

    Graney doesn't get it, and is just another politician wanting what ALL politicians want. Raw power. Paul is an American and a Texas hero!

  • Perry 5 years ago

    By the way, at his "birthday bash", which was in fact better than any town hall meeting, no security was required. Paul spoke to anyone and everyone who came (and it was free). Can't say the same for Pelosi, Reid, or Barry, can we? LOL! Barry's birthday bash costs 30 grand a plate!

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