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Tim Duncan's divorce gets ugly amid alleged homosexual affair rumors

Tim Duncan is the latest victim of social media scandal.
Tim Duncan is the latest victim of social media scandal.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Social media has changed the way relationships work these days. In the past when celebrity couples found themselves amid rumors and messy separations, they only had to worry about tabloids. Today, social media serves as the vehicle for spreading ugly rumors and innuendo.

Photos of Duncan being hugged from behind by former teammate, David Robinson, are popping up on Instagram and Twitter, with captions suggesting that Duncan cheated on his wife with another man.

For the past two days, Tim Duncan has been the victim of social media relationship scandal. Rumors are brewing that Duncan's estranged wife, Amy, alleged he had a boyfriend on the side for some years. According to the rumors, the last appearing just an hour ago, the Wake Forest University alumnus and San Antonio Spurs star, has carried on a tawdry affair with his best friend from college.

Duncan's wife, Amy, filed for divorce in March, saying she wanted to end their 12-year marriage which she says has become "insupportable because of discord and conflict."

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The soon to be ex-Mrs. Duncan has her own rumors of infidelity with which to contend. Per the rumors, Duncan allegedly hired a private investigator to monitor his wife, who was spending a little too much private time with her personal trainer.

How true these allegations are will rarely matter. Often people pick up on social media gossip and spread it without questioning the validity. The only fact that is verifiable in this matter is that the Duncans are in the middle of a divorce.

Divorces can be as amicable, or ugly, as the two parties want them to be. It seemed as though the Duncans were at least trying to keep the divorce out of the spotlight, as they filed the proceedings under their initials instead of their full names.

Whether either of the Duncans cheated, they have a lot to deal with as they look to separate permanently. The couple married almost twelve years ago and have a son and a daughter. Implementing a scorched earth policy in divorce will likely cause more harm than good for all involved.

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