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Tim Donnelly: Maverick California politician challenges Governor Jerry Brown

Tim Donnelly: Challenging Governor Jerry Brown in California
Tim Donnelly: Challenging Governor Jerry Brown in California
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Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, running against California Governor Jerry Brown, boldly made a statement about Brown’s proposed state budget shortly after the governor released it.

As Donnelly put it, "After picking the pockets and balancing California's budget on the backs of hardworking taxpayers through the largest Tax increase in State history, Governor Brown this morning declared all of California's problems magically solved. It must be nice to view the State's problems through such rose-colored lenses. The reality is a magnitude of problems still face California.”

"The Governor's surplus is a myth. It will be short-lived, as businesses flee the state to escape Prop. 30. This so-called surplus is largely due to a one-time tax increase bailout, this is no long-term solution.”

Assemblyman Donnelly, from San Bernardino Country in Southern California, faces an uphill battle against Brown this November. But he has vowed to fight hard ending his criticism of Brown’s budget with the following suggestions:

- The Governor's budget today fails to address the $218 Billion in unfunded Pension liabilities which the State still faces. This problem is not going away.

- While the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) proposes a $5 Billion in rainy day funds, the Governor is setting aside only $1 Billion.

- Despite his call for fiscal restraint, the Governor shows little restraint in spending, suggesting billions of dollars in increased spending (a 9% increase in spending). Plain and simple, these funds were confiscated from the pockets of hardworking Californians in order to redistribute to his cronies in Sacramento.

- The Governor makes jest of the drought situation in our Central Valley, suggesting that government can't make it rain. But the fact is, the government CAN and did create a drought. This Governor now ignores real solutions, which include an increase in water storage and a statewide water management plan that respects every region.

- The Governor proposes making it easier for local jurisdictions to raise taxes, by lowering the approval threshold for tax increases, to 55%. This would be disastrous for homeowners and taxpayers.

- The Governor continues to throw money at the High-Speed Rail boondoggle

- Keeping the pay-to-play system alive, Governor Brown has provided pay increases to the teachers unions, who are among the same groups that just flooded his Campaign account with more than $1 Million just two weeks ago. Despite these increases, and an increase in education spending by $10 Billion, little to no money of that will ever be seen in the classroom. California's tradition of failing our children continues.

- Governor Brown is proposing an additional release of inmates further endangering the public safety in California, although this time it includes aging and infirm inmates. One has to ask why the Governor didn't think to propose their release first, rather than releasing 10,000 other criminals onto our streets - including a violent criminal who raped and murdered a woman after his release.

Donnelly added, "The facts remain this … ”

- Nearly 2 Million Californians are still unemployed.

- 1 in 4 Californians now living in Poverty on Jerry Brown's watch.

- And 1 Million Californians are losing their healthcare due to ObamaCare.

"The real bottom-line: The fiscal outlook for Millions of Californians isn't as rosy as Jerry Brown would have you believe."

Donnelly is most definitely the definition of opposite when it comes to Jerry Brown. This time the voters have a real choice in black and white.

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