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Tiles: Build Your Dreams

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Tiles is a world where you can build your dreams. In the world of Tiles, all you have to do is drop 3D square cubes onto an empty canvas. With Tiles, 3D modelling is just a button away. You will be able to access Tiles through your web browser and our stretch goal is to also port it onto your smartphone or tablet.

After designing your model on Tiles, you can export the things you made into an .stl file and 3D print the design! 3 D modeling is hard for most of us. Tiles is the solution. You can create 3 D models on any computer screen. You can make something simple or something complex. You can use it, even if you do not have access to a 3D printer. Most of the perks are for printing your 3 D designs.

This isn't a future dream, it's now. You might as well dive in. Get your perks and support this project here