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Tila Tequila pregnant: Reality star reveals news on Facebook

Tila Tequila reveals she is pregnant
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tila Tequila is expecting her first baby. The pregnant reality star announced her new status on Friday on Facebook – that she is 10 weeks along – but she has not specifically named the father. It could be that her fans are already guessing, but in the meantime, reports Entertainment Weekly on Sunday, April 20, the mom-to-be is gushing with joy.

Tequila wrote a letter to the coming baby and posted it as her announcement to the world, which makes sense, because her Facebook friends are the ones who can read it. The baby will have to wait for a few years. “I used to write you letters like this all of the time,” the actress says to the child-to-be. “You are my everything.”

Tila Tequila, pregnant at 32, has apparently been wanting a baby for years, so her happiness is overwhelming. So much so, in fact, that the reality star has become sober as well as healthy, to honor the situation as well as, presumably, to protect the health of the fetus. Tequila took to twitter for this further news, under the new handle @babymamatila, reports the New York Daily News. The actress credits the coming baby with being the cause of her newfound sobriety as well as her oceans of joy and “newfound happiness.”

Last year was not such a healthy and joyful experience. Tequila toyed with converting to Judaism. When she ran into what she calls mocking rejection, she somehow compared her trials to those of Adolf Hitler, and took to wearing a swastika arm band – the picture of which she added to her Facebook page, just to make sure no one missed it.

The backlash was not pretty, as might be expected. Tila Tequila withdrew from social media for several months. Perhaps she missed learning that the swastika is one of the most hated symbols on the planet, and comparisons between minor problems and the former Nazi leader are not to be taken lightly.

At any rate, the “Shot at Love” star is now content. “I am happy, healthy, glowing and growing these days!” she reports.

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