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Tigerfish catches bird: Giant Goliath Tiger Fish a daring predator, viral video

A tigerfish catches bird video has not only gone viral in a matter of days, but proved to the world that the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish of Africa is one daring predator not to mess with. The latest updates on this incredible camera capture have confirmed that the bird devoured mid-flight was a barn swallow, and that the clip (taken in Mapungubwe National Park) stands as the very first ever recorded sighting of a fish preying on a bird while in the air. DB Techno tells what’s new with this YouTube sensation this Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014.

Tigerfish catches bird: Giant Goliath Tiger Fish a daring predator, viral video
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The tigerfish catches bird footage has gathered a total of nearly 300,000 YouTube views (via the Nature NewsTeam channel alone) and counting as of this weekend, and made the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish a celebrity among water creatures. While it had been speculated and alleged that the daring predator would jump out of the water to devour birds, there was no concrete evidence.

That is no longer the case anymore. The jaw-dropping viral video was originally filmed by a research film crew and environmentalist Nico Smit, showcasing the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish (sometimes dubbed as the African Tigerfish) quite literally snatching and snacking on a barn swallow in the middle of its flight. The research team never expected to see this daring hunter actually catch its prey (having only filmed the animals in nature to learn more about their habitat and migration patterns), but their time in Mapungubwe National Park yielded so much more.

According to the official statement on the tigerfish catches bird video, with all findings appearing within the Journal of Fish Biology:

“Nico Smit and his documentary film crew never imagined that they would catch this infamous act on camera. They hope that it will bring light to their videos and the study of the migration patterns of the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish. Smit and his crew hope that the video will enlighten those who might not have knowledge of such creatures.”

Comments and responses from most viewers of the hit video on YouTube have been equally amazed as the nature researchers themselves.