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Tiger Woods: Will Elin Nordegren appear at the Master's Tournament?

Tiger and Elin together in October 2009 in San Francisco.
Tiger and Elin together in October 2009 in San Francisco.
(AP Photo/Scot Tucker, File)

Tiger Woods announced that he will compete in the Master's Tournament in April in Augusta, Georgia.  The question is whether or not Elin will appear. The Hearl Sun is reportin that  Woods and Nordegren are working on rebuilding their marriage.  See the full article at  While no one is certain whether or not she will make an appearance, if they are attempting to rebuild their marriage, the answer is most likely yes.  After all, Woods has to regain her trust all over again.  Considering that he was having affairs while away at various tournaments, it makes it more likely that he will not be traveling without her in the foreseeable future.  

Most notably, last year, he traveled with alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel to Australia, while he was there to participate in a golf tournament.   Although Rachel Uchitel denies that she has been involved with Woods.  (

Furthermore, his public statement of apology lacked sincerity,  It appears that Woods is only sorry that he got caught.  The only part of the speech that hinted at sincerity was when Woods' spoke of his sense of entitlement and that his wife and family should be left alone. Also, is a man really sincere about his wedding vows when he doesn't bother to wear his wedding ring?

If Elin Nordegren decides to continue to rebuild her marriage to Woods, she will most likely appear at the Master's Tournament.  However, she will probably keep a low profile in order to avoid being harassed by the media. Who can blame her?