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Tiger Woods - The Billionaire Golfer

Tiger Woods - First Billionaire Athlete
Tiger Woods - First Billionaire Athlete
Associated Press

Tiger Woods is a rich man who has never been less than certain of his own commercial worth and has maximized it to its full potential.

Woods began playing the game of golf at the age of 2. He appeared on the Mike Douglas Show and putted against comedian Bob Hope. Tiger shot a 48 over 9 holes when he was just three years old, a truly astonishing feat.

After 33 years, a lifetime of golf has paid off to the tune of $1 billion dollars.

Forbes, the magazine of choice for those who like to weigh their money rather than count it, reports that the cheque for $10 million dollars Tiger earned for winning the FedEx Cup in 2009 meant he cracked the 10-figure bracket. Forbes has been tracking athlete earnings since before Tiger turned pro. Woods had earned a cumulative $895 million going into 2009 from prize money, appearance fees, endorsements, bonuses and his golf course design business.

If you add his $10.5 million in 2009 prize money, the FedEx Cup bonus and his take so far this year from his more than $100 million in annual off-the-course earnings, Woods' career earnings are now into the 10 figure stratosphere.

Forbes will get a lot of publicity for a story, the accuracy of which, as it admits near the end of the piece, could only ever be confirmed by Tiger or his accountant. Woods is not a man prone to discussing his financial affairs in public. We can only speculate given the information we have that the numbers reported are accurate.