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Tiger Woods takes a break from golf and family life?


Tiger Official statement here.

So we see that Tiger is taking an indefinite leave from professional golf but what does that mean for his family life?  Will this help his relationship between he and his wife Elin or is this break from golf something to bridge the gap from married life to splits-ville?

Typically a person takes a break from something they feel is a problem or is problematic. Is golf and Tiger's fame really to blame for his infidelity? Or is there something deeper going on that requires some spiritual counseling? We can assume that Tiger did not have the typical "jock" lifestyle afforded the larger and more charismatic high schoolers simply by the way he carries himself now. Some would even say that he looked like a late bloomer. If the latter is true, then is this merely Tiger acting out what he wishes he lived during his single years?

Not condoning his behavior, but why is it that Tiger has been with cocktail waitresses/porn star-types and not professional executive women? Tiger is in contact with powerful, beautiful, successful, spiritually-fit women all the time and from all over the world. Yet, he decided to pick up with these women who are noted to be relationship-suspect-individuals. Naturally, athletes will say that Tiger's self-esteem is great because he is the greatest golfer in the world but I do not think that this is true at all. Time and time again men who seemingly have great self-esteem seek out those with seedy backgrounds. Let us go further and say that the reason for picking such persons outside of their relationship/marriage is to make the seeker feel in control and better about themselves.  (Let us also add that we all know that it would not be better if Tiger cheated with a Fortune 500 executive. Cheating is cheating-period. The questions of with whom had to be raised.) 

Keep in mind that Tiger Woods is not the first nor the last person to commit adultery and have scandal flanking him. In fact, if TMZ, US Weekly, Google was around during... well you get the picture.

By the way, Tiger's statement above was written today after pictures were taken outside of his home where one can see huge moving boxes being moved out of Tiger Woods' home. No one is saying what was inside the boxes or who the boxes belonged to but speculation is thick in the air.  Also, keep in mind that Rachel Uchitel was seen leaving her home in New York with large suitcases and plenty of dog food. We are not drawing any conclusions as to whether or not the two "movements" are related or simply a coincidence.

Personally, we at Victory Waters hope that Tiger Woods definitely gets his act together with himself and his family life. Marriage and children are blessings that are not to be taken lightly. Elin will need all the support and prayers we can give her. family, weigh in on the questions asked above via comment section below. Or if you prefer to email me privately, (feel free to sign our guest-book there as well).

Tiger official statement here.


  • questionable 5 years ago

    wondering if this is actual journalism or just blogging....

  • Re: Questionable 5 years ago

    I believe the same can be said for all Tiger Woods related stories. Is it really a story or entertainment? Clearly looks to me that she is writing about her opinion based on facts known. Get over yourself @questionable. Go to CNN or Fox News for journalism. Stop spreading negative behavior.