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Tiger Woods Scandal


Tiger Woods released a statement on Wednesday, December 2 admitting to his "transgressions," and reaffirming his need for family privacy.

I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and behavior my family deserves. I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. These feelings should be shared by us alone.

Yet another public example of public infidelity lies in today's current news. Now Tiger Woods is inducted into the hall of fame for the "who's who" of celebrity status for cheating on their wife. Sure its nobodies fault but his own that he chose his status and its nobodies fault but his own that he chose to be unfaithful. But as covered in his statement:; Does the matter's of his marriage need to be exploited publicly?

Its hard to say what parts of your personal life are shared with the general public and what parts are not. Sheri Shepherd of The View made an excellent point when she summed Tiger Woods image up as simply "good" for those kid's who in fact look up to him. How can someone in the public eye, who's being looked up to by millions of people set an example by stepping outside of his covenant  marriage.  Tiger Woods is human. But, how far does humanity go when you are engaging in the activity of intentional deceit?

Sometimes the media serves as an intervention for public figures that take advantage of their status. By no means did cheating on his wife take away his awesome ability to swing a golf club in the right direction at the right speed. But this scandal did however lessen his strength in integrity and faith for all the people who had faith in his character and reputation as a distinguished leader in this present day society. Family privacy is very valuable especially when it comes to a marriage, a covenant formed under God. Nobody has the right to judge another person but everybody has the right to listen and learn from the mistakes being made everyday by our fellow man. We should be careful to take heed to our example with wisdom.

Note that if the actions in your marriage cause a negative ripple effect that engage public interaction it is all apart of the consequence of not resisting that temptation. So when  your wife decides to take a golf club and smash out the windows of your SUV, here's a hint, thats the consequence of your actions.


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