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Tiger Woods: Pluto Pushes the King off Golf Mountain

The transit of Pluto back and forth over the Capricorn Sun of Tiger Woods during the last few years has been quite revealing to say the least.
The transit of Pluto back and forth over the Capricorn Sun of Tiger Woods during the last few years has been quite revealing to say the least.

Tiger Woods: Pluto Pushes the King off Golf Mountain

By: Brad Kronen


- A game steeped in tradition with origins that trace far back in Time. (Capricorn’s planetary ruler is the heavenly body which oversees Time and Tradition, Saturn)

- A game solidly structured by a parameter of firmly established rules of play. (Earth signs function best within environments that are as solidly structured as possible.)

- A game where repeatedly one has to reach a distant goal and diligently labor towards it. (The optimal work environment for the hardest working of signs.)

- A game not comprised of luck – beginners or otherwise; one learns to excel over time and by repeatedly working at it. (Nearly every Earth sign relies on consistent hard work, never Luck. They also learn quickest and work best through the process of repetition.)

- A game where both commentator and fan alike are required to incorporate impeccable manners of consideration by publicly observing its play with whispered anticipation, versus emitting any kind of loud declaration or excited exclamation. (The typical Capricorn approaches their world with behavior that’s highly mannered, yet reserved and emotionally detached that’s based in social decorum, otherwise known as “business formal”.)

- A game usually played by the wealthy and upper middle classes and is therefore considered a “status” activity. (The last of the Earth signs is also known as “the sign of Status”.)

- A game governed by conservative dress and communication which requires a player to look and sound “business formal”. (Scroll up two paragraphs and have entry also apply to public fashion sense.)

- A game whose essence is thoroughly of a Capricorn nature.

People, Golf is hard. The game demands a civility of behavior and proper decorum even when one wants to scream one’s head off or deeply desires to smash one’s clubs to bits after hitting another shank into yet another water hazard.

Golf’s structured decorum sets it apart from every other sport and recreational pastime, resulting in the game being revered around the world, and its cream of the crop players being some of the highest paid athletes within the entire arena of competitive sports.

In every way, Golf is an allegory for the life of the Capricorn. With that said, it should be of no surprise that the biggest star the game of Golf has ever produced is himself, born beneath the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat – Tiger Woods.

Mr. Woods' professional persona is in every way indicative of how Life works in reverse for the typical Capricorn, with their childhoods being non-existent, due to having the mantle of adult responsibility thrust upon them at an extremely early age.

The golfing great's private persona, however, is in every way indicative of what NOT to do whenever the outermost planet in the Solar System, Pluto, pays an extended visit by transiting through one's Sun sign.

The Makings of a King

Tiger Woods began the game of golf a tad earlier than most. The child prodigy had a golf club placed in his hands at 9 months old, and by the ripe age of 2 appeared on national television competing his putting skills against those of comedian Bob Hope on The Mike Douglas Show in 1978.

At the age of 5, the Golfing Wunderkind was on the cover of Golf Digest and appeared on the popular ABC TV show, “That’s Incredible!”. By the age of eight, the ever busy Capricorn won the Junior World Golf Championships from the youngest possible age bracket. A title which the God-like golfer of a Goat kid went on to win six times over the course of his non-existent childhood.

The pressure for young Master Woods to be the best was immense, not only throughout his youth as a child champion, but for his entire race, as well, since the young Capricorn was the son of an African American father and a Thai Asian mother.

By the time he was 21, Tiger Woods became the youngest man and first African-American to win the U.S. Masters Tournament. From that point on, the greatest of golfers born under the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat continued to ascend his climb up an individualized mountain of ambition that was of his own incomparable making.

Throughout his 20’s, Tiger Woods went on to become one of a mere handful of the most consistently prestigious winning golfers in the sport, winning four U.S. PGA titles, three U.S. Opens, three Open Championship wins, and three U.S. Masters wins.

Along with his stratospheric gain of noteworthy status, the Earth sign’s tangible assets exponentially increased in abundance as well during his young adulthood, with Woods’ personal worth reaching an estimated $600 million dollars by his Saturn Return at the age of 28. Much of that immense gain occurring from the status driven Cappie bringing in more than $85 million a year in tournaments and product endorsements during that time.

For those born beneath the sign that’s karmicly reversed,.each year which passes during and beyond a Capricorn’s Saturn Return from age 28 onwards, should be lighter, brighter, sexier, funnier, and happier. Indeed, this very well seemed to be the case for Mr. Woods. While the golfer was in the midst of his planetary ruler’s Return at the age of 29, he married another child of Saturn, Swedish model and fellow Capricorn, Elin Nordegren, whose New Year’s birthday came two days following his own.

Where the rest of us are still kissing our Saturn inflicted wounds once our Saturn Return has finally ended at the age of 31, is where the Capricorn begins to reap the tangible rewards of what they’ve earned through their consistent hard work and astrologically adult-like responsibilities.

Two years following the close of his Saturn Return at the age of 33, Tiger Woods became the highest paid professional athlete in the world, with cumulative career earnings totaling over $1 billion at the beginning of 2009.

However, little did the greatest of golfers know that the Lord of Decimation Through Transformational Change had recently dropped by for a nice, long personalized visit with every intention of pushing the King of Golf Mountain hard off his throne.

Pluto Transits Capricorn

In late November of 2008, the heavenly body known as The Lord of Death and Transformational Change, otherwise known as Pluto, entered Tiger Woods’ own sign of Capricorn.

The furthest planet from the Sun oversees such deeply seated human issues as Power, Control, Sexuality and all things of a highly sexual or erotic nature, along with anything that’s hidden beneath the surface, taboo, and forbidden. Pluto brings about transformational change, but does so through the process of decimation, much like how a surviving seed is all that remains to grow in the fertile soil after a devastating forest fire.

The force of change that accompanies a Plutonian transit is all encompassing and never delicate.

Not even a year would pass after Pluto’s entrance into the sign of The Mystic Mountain Goat before the world was stunned to hear the shocking news that the Capricorn athlete who was paid the biggest bucks in this world was also one of the biggest philanderers in this world’s modern Age, with seemingly every call girl, prostitute, and porn star coming out of the "wood"work to publicly lay claim to having had sexual relations with the King of Golf.

With Pluto passing through the sign shared by both Earth signed husband and wife alike, the King’s throne would first be tipped over by his numerous infidelities being initially discovered by the Capricorn’s Capricorn wife. The business formal professionalism usually displayed by Elin Woods in public was fully decimated when the Goat Girl initially discovered the first of Tiger’s many mistresses on his cell phone. Upon further realization that her husband’s infidelities weren’t restricted to merely one mistress but multitudes, the Swede’s sense of detached Earth signed decorum disintegrated into the darkest of Plutonian rages.

Sensing her standard of high status living was in critical jeopardy, the Capricorn cuckold mirrored the battle tactics of the astrological symbol assigned to both her and her adulterous husband’s sign. Just as an angry goat attacks by charging from behind with their horns, Elin Woods chased after her husband by wielding a weapon which, unto itself, represented their mutually gained status as a Capricorn couple - a golf club.

One golf club-smashed, ruined luxury car, 121 adulteries, and one Capricorn husband highly humbled by humiliation later, the bond between the wealthiest double Capricorn couple on the planet was fully laid to Plutonian rest 10 months (the Mystic Mountain Goat is the 10th sign of the Zodiac) following the discovery of one of the most media buzzed infidelity scandals of the century with one of the costliest celebrity divorces on record.

2014 has not been kind to the man who once dominated the sport of Golf, with Tiger playing only seven events this calendar year and completing four rounds just twice. Plagued by back pain which has gotten increasingly worse over the last few years, Mr. Woods was resigned to having back surgery this past March.

Most recently this past August 25th, the pro player who forged his career with the most powerful of golf swings officially announced his parting of ways with his swing coach of 4 years, Sean Foley.

It must be duly and astrologically noted the last time the golfing great won a major championship event in his sport was the U.S. Open in June of 2008, a mere few months before Pluto came to town in Tiger's sign of Capricorn.

If, after some thorough internal analysis, Mr. Woods both embraces and learns from his mistakes brought about by Pluto's period of decimation, then the King of Golf may eventually be reborn by re-claiming his throne once again at some point in the future. Fortunately for the former King, there's plenty of time to work on his game, both professionally and privately, given the fact Pluto will be transiting through his sign until 2023.

“The key to improvement is to commit to your goal and never quit.” - Tiger Woods, Golfer and Capricorn

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