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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online review

EA Sports recently announced the launch of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. Play as Tiger Woods or as a customer character across many real links, including the old course at St. Andrews and Pebble Beach. Many courses cost a few in-game dollars to play, but you get $10,000 in-game dollars for signing up, which is also free. Points can be bought by credit card on the site, so your character can be as amazing as Tiger Woods from the beginning. Paying for a membership will also provide full access to every course in the game as well.

Tiger Woods putting in Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online
EA Sports

There is no installation of game files, but there is a small video player download required. It only takes a few seconds to install and you will be on your way. Only problem I see with the download, though, is that if you are not an administrator on your PC, you will not be able to install the player. So, playing this at work might not be possible.

The gameplay is very simple and intuitive. Use the mouse to click the meter for power and change direction. The crisp audio combined with the gameplay's controls immerses the player even further into the game. The game truly feels like just another version of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games, not a dumbed-down Internet version. EA Sports took time and care into the game so that it feels like a full game and not a glorified money pit.

The career mode in the traditional Tiger Woods PGA Tour games has been switched to incorporate the online payment features of Tour Online. Characters level up with XP points similarly to World of Warcraft. The catch to leveling up is through course membership. Only 1 course at a time is open to free customers. To move from the beginner to amateur level, players must be a member of one course. It is going to be hard to level up any higher without being a paying member.

But for anyone who want a quick golf fix, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is it. Check out the slideshow and the trailer for more information.

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