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Tiger Woods love child scam - the inside scoop - which love child is REALLY his?


Was the Tiger Woods love child scam concocted by
Tiger's alleged mistress, Devon James and the boy's
real father?  Photo:  YouTube

UPDATE – Wednesday 6-30-10     3 pm

BREAKING NEWS - Final Details of Tiger Woods – Elin Nordegren divorce

Less than 24 hours after the resurrected rumor of a Tiger Woods love child – a little girl born in 2003, porn star Devon James, another of Tiger Woods’s many mistresses, came forward , professing to have given birth to a second Tiger Woods love child - a boy born in 2001.

Devon James, who claims to have had a 2 ½ year affair with Tiger Woods, insists that Tiger is the father of her son, since the boy resembles him. Devon says Tiger was the “only African-American” she was seeing (sleeping with?) at the time.

People who have seen pictures of the boy, whose name is Austin T. (T for Tiger) say he looks like Tiger Woods. . However, Tiger has not taken, nor has he been asked to take a paternity test.

Devon’s Mother Calls Her Daughter a Liar

Devon James’ mother, Sandra Brinling, has come forward to discredit her daughter’s story.
According to Devon’s mother, Sandra Brinling , who has legally adopted Devon’s son, says Devon, whose real name is Melinda Brinling-Caso, is a pathological liar.

According to Devon’s mom, not only is the boy’s NOT Tiger Woods’ love child, Devon has never even met Tiger Woods. Brinling says that in the last few days, she has heard at least 3 different lies about how her daughter claims to have met Tiger Woods.

According to an unnamed source, Devon says she ran into Tiger 6 years later, showed him pictures of Austin, and told Tiger Austin was his son. She says Tiger declined to meet the little boy, but sent her several gifts for the child.

Devon James and Austin’s Real Dad Try to Run a Scam

Devon’s mother says the “Tiger Woods love child scam” was concocted by Devon and the boy’s real father, as a way to extort money from Tiger Woods, since neither parent pays child support.

According to Mrs. Brinling, the boy’s real father, who was recently released from prison, had his parental rights taken away. Devon’s parental rights were taken away July of last year.

Brinling has legally adopted Austin T, receiving full custody last month. She now has custody of all 3 of Devon’s children, who live with her in Bradenton, Florida.

Devon has just been accused of stealing from Tiger Woods’ mistress Joslyn ‘ purse while they were shooting a Tiger Woods themed porn film. See Devon James, Joslyn James Showdown: Trouble on Set of Tiger Woods-Themed Porno?

If Devon is that desperate, how likely is it that she would wait years to admit giving birth to Tiger’s love child 9 years ago?

Tiger’s Other Love Child

In December of last year, there were rumors of a love child Tiger Woods fathered with Theresa Rogers, who at first claimed the daughter she gave birth to in 2003, belonged to a Serbian basketball player she was seeing at the time. See Does Tiger Woods REALLY Have a Secret Love Child?

Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall, a British documentary which airs in the UK tomorrow, is said to have additional details concerning this particular love child.

Theresa Rogers, in her late 40’s, was married at the time, was said to have deliberately attempted to conceive Tiger Woods’ child. Rogers supposedly led Tiger to believe she was on birth control pills, while secretly timing her trysts with Tiger to coincide with the time she was ovulating.

Rumor has it that Rogers was paid millions ( some say $3 million, others say $4 million) to keep the existence of his love child a secret.

Supposedly there is DNA evidence to prove that Tiger is the father of the child.

Which Love Child Really Belongs to Tiger Woods?

Which one is really Tiger Woods’ love child?

The little boy? The little girl?

Both? Neither?

What do you think?

Sources: New York Daily News, E! Online, Vancouver Sun, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Radar Online, others.

*** © copyright 2010 Ruth Houston All Rights Reserved.

Ruth Houston is a New York-based infidelity expert who is frequently called on by the media to comment on high profile infidelity and popular infidelity issues in the news. She is the founder of , the author of Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs, and publishes the Infidelity News and Views blog. To interview infidelity expert Ruth Houston, or have her speak at your next event, call 718 592-6029 or e-mail  

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  • Carmen 5 years ago

    I saw a recent photo of Devon James’ child on the New York Daily News and the kid was obviously fathered by a black man, judging by his nose, mouth and hair. But the key here are the kid’s eyes which are oriental, and that raises a lot of questions because this is not a common combination and Tiger has the same combination of features!!
    DNA testing may be the only way to end these paternity claims, because I think they will continue!!!

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