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Tiger Woods; "He's serious about making it work..." Elin calls off divorce



  • Carmen 6 years ago

    After deceiving, betraying and humiliating Elin Nordegren in front of the world, Tiger Woods continues to take advantage of Elin by subjecting her to emotional blackmail. Tiger has been pleading and begging Elin not to divorce him and making her all kind of promises. I hope and pray that Elin have had a clear understanding of Tiger’s issues before she made the decision to stay with him for her sake and the sake of the children.

  • Ashleigh 6 years ago

    yall are a happy couple but dont divorce give him another chance and if he dont act right then divorce him and u got your own private jet thats cool maybe i can have one

  • Whatever 6 years ago

    'Carmen' you post that same crap on every website you visit, as if you can influence Elin and Tiger by saying the same thing over and over. Get a grip on yourself, it's not as if you actually know what Tiger Woods has been telling his own wife.

    If you're not Elin Woods, then you don't know jack s--- about what Tiger said to her. The media reports haven't been validated by the Woods' representatives, and neither Elin or Tiger has spoken to the media. If they decide to stay married, then good for them. It's their family, their marriage, their babies and their lives.

    There are millions of us who would rather the media left the Woods family alone so that Tiger can do whatever it is he's going to do with regards to his marriage, and then get back to playing professional golf.

    What Tiger and Elin do with their marriage is their business and I wish them the best no matter what they do, but Tiger is a golf pro, and many people just want to see him out on the links asap.

  • Carmen 6 years ago

    To Whatever: I have as much right to express my opinion as you. Too bad if you don't like it!

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