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Tiger Woods, Brit Hume and Jesus



  • James 5 years ago

    A reporter expressing a personal religious view, in my opinion, should not be considered "impartial journalism." Brit Hume is a political analyst, not an editorial journalist.
    I'm not saying I disagree with his comments, I simply think he chose a poor venue to express them.

  • Chris 5 years ago

    When viewers turn to FOX, they are very aware of the slant of that network. No media coverage is impartial! Even the satirists, Stewart, Colbert and Letterman all have clear liberal slants.
    Brit Hume made the right expression on the right network.

  • Travis 5 years ago

    The U.S. was NOT founded upon the Christian doctrine, all of our founding fathers were Deists. This is a historical fact. You believe in the Constitution that gives people of ALL races and religions the same rights? Then why do you have such a problem with a "Muslim" president?

    The no religious test clause of the United States Constitution is found in Article VI, section 3, and states that:

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

    Translation: NOBODY will ever be required to be of a certain religion to qualify for public office.

    Want to stop terrorism? Stop sending money to Israel and stop supporting their psychopathic leaders

  • Travis 5 years ago

    The word Christmas originated as a compound meaning "Christ's Mass". It is derived from the Middle English Christemasse and Old English Cristes mæsse, a phrase first recorded in 1038. "Cristes" is from Greek Christos and "mæsse" is from Latin missa (the holy mass). In Greek, the letter ? (chi), is the first letter of Christ, and it, or the similar Roman letter X, has been used as an abbreviation for Christ since the mid-16th century. Hence, Xmas is sometimes used as an abbreviation for Christmas.

    Christmas was stolen from the Pagans and their celebration of the Winter Solstice. Jesus was NOT born on Dec 25th. Please educate yourself to the FACTS, not the propaganda spewed from Faux News and your local pulpit. Bankers are looting the country and you blame the Muslims? Maybe if we left other contries alone and minded our business, we would not be in the mess we are in right now.

  • ukspartan 5 years ago


    Brilliant synopsis. Dont be too hard on her. She should know this as a 'Pol. science major'. But I think facts are irrelevant to hardcore rightwingers.

  • Tomas 5 years ago

    Like 75% of the United States are Christians. This guy should be allowed to say whatever he wants relating to Christianity to the majority of America. Non-believers are hurting America.

  • Travis 5 years ago

    @ Tomas: Where and HOW are the non-believers hurting this country? LOL!! Are you insane? Where all all those past atheist leaders that killed all those believers? Oh wait, it was CHRISTIAN leaders that tried to kill all non-believers. Crack a history book. Please. should help you. Christians are the most violent group of people on the planet. This is easy to prove.

  • Sara 5 years ago

    No one should ever be criticized for expressing their belief in Jesus or God. That is a right given to all of us and I think Mr. Hume makes a very good point. Tiger Woods should be ashamed of his actions and should turn to Jesus for help!

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