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Tiger Woods alone on Valentine's Day, marriage is a wreck....

Elin and Tiger Woods/  ap photo
   Elin and Tiger Woods/  AP photo

Valentine’s Day is known for it’s romantic significance, lovers unite and celebrate their love. But if you’re Tiger Woods’s wife, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a painful reminder of his infidelities, lies and betrayal. So it comes as no surprise when a source close to Elin Nordegren Woods

says this about the troubled couple:

 “Valentine’s Day was not a day for Elin and Tiger to be close,” the source shares, “They had no physical contact. She pretty much only sees him when she drops off the kids for him to see.”
Although Elin put a hold on the divorce, they have been living apart from eachother since he was released from Gentle Path rehabilitation treatment center, multiple sources share this information with an online news source, saying their marriage is a wreck. 
Saturday night for Elin was spent in the company of friends as they celebrated a birthday, a source close to the situation reveals that Elin made it clear to Tiger that he was not welcome to accompany her on the event at the Dolphin hotel restaurant in Orlando.
Although he has completed the sexual addiction treatment at Gentle Path, the golfer's journey back to a normal life is far from close. Sources who are close to Elin have said that he is not allowed near her in any physical way. Elin is still not wearing her wedding ring, and seems to be going forward with her life, sans Tiger. 


  • Becky, Cleve. Family Examiner 5 years ago

    How sad to think that she has to carry on like normal for her kids and for the world to see. I don't think I could do it. I give her lots and lots of credit for putting up with Tiger Woods.

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