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Tiger Woods: A Real Player


AP Photo/A. Brownbill

Tiger Woods

December 30, 1975


Long Beach, CA USA

We’ve all heard the media frenzy making the most of Tiger Wood’s admitted transgressions. While many have grown tired of this tabloid talk, others have questions and concerns. Beginning with his car accident on November 25th, Tiger followers wrote in curious to know if Tiger was abusing drugs or under the influence of alcohol. Questions continued mainly in regard to the fate of his marriage once stories of his infidelities began to surface. What does Tiger’s birth chart suggest about the future of his marriage? See what the stars have to say below.  

Tiger’s chart begins with Pluto in Libra in the First House. Let it be known with 100% certainty that Tiger married his wife based on love and not for superficial qualities. He is an intensely motivated individual with the ability to go all-out for what is most important to him. This aspect explains his abounding career successes and also explains how Tiger can close the door on his career in order to focus this intense motivation on his marriage during this time of crisis. 

In the Second House, Uranus is found in Scorpio. We find this placement in the charts of most sex and drug addicts. Where we now know that Tiger gave into his sexual desires, but this placement does suggest the likelihood that Tiger may have dabbled in recreational drugs as well. Perhaps due to mandatory drug testing of professional athletes, he was able to just say no… to drugs. Women are another story. 

Venus is also found in Scorpio, but in the Third House. Here we have another placement of passion and desire. Present Tiger with a humdrum or simply comfortable day-to-day  routine and eventually he will break. He thrives on excitement and fun. Venus is additionally Sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Those with this aspect tend to get caught up in the thrill of the moment, knowing full well that the decision is harmful to the spirit. Like it or not, this is a common human quality. 

The second planet found in the Third House is Neptune in Sagittarius. Tiger considers himself to be a very spiritual person who’s fallen a bit off the path. He will place forth earnest effort to once and for all be back on path. Tiger will accomplish this through the practice of mindfulness. He will eventually travel on a literal spiritual journey somewhere in Asia and deepen his involvement in an Eastern religion.  In the future, he will also write and publish a work of spiritual content. 

Also found in Sagittarius in the Third House is the Moon. Tiger is experiencing a time of change. He is reconsidering the positive and negative effects of material possessions. He will simplify material aspects of his life.  This placement of the moon suggests the possibility of his marriage surviving is 50/50. Though Tiger loves his wife, he is not innately spiritually constrained by needing a relationship. The Moon is additionally Opposition Mars. This is not the most amicable placement for a lasting relationship. With the Moon Trine Jupiter, we know that Tiger’s public hiatus will be temporary. 

In the Fourth House, we find the Sun in Capricorn. This is another placement that suggests Tiger has stepped off  path, yet will return. His family is as important a legacy to him as his career. The Sun is also Square Jupiter. Those with this aspect are famous for fighting wars against themselves. 

Mercury is also found in Capricorn, but in the Fifth House. Tiger is very charismatic and a tad manipulative. He is highly creative and good with words, especially the written word. 

Moving on to the Seventh House, Jupiter is found in Aries. This is the first positive aspect concerning the fate of Tiger’s marriage. This placement suggests that Tiger truly wants his marriage to work. He believes in unity personally, globally and in marriage. 

In the Ninth House, Mars is found retrograde in Gemini. Tiger is learning he can’t be in three places at once. He likely argues too much and unnecessarily. This placement again assures us that Tiger will be traveling on a spiritual journey abroad in the near future. Mars Sextile Jupiter is another positive aspect for the fate of his marriage; however the retrograde presents complications. Though Tiger is independent, he is a family man. 

The last planet in Tiger’s chart is Saturn retrograde in Leo in the Eleventh House. Tiger needs to learn to recognize and express his inner feelings in order to experience further growth. Because of Tiger’s thoughtless flings, it should come as no surprise that Saturn is also Square Uranus. Other celebrities with this aspect in their charts include John Gosselin and Ryan Jenkins. Luckily, Tiger has a better fate than both John and Ryan. 

* The information in the above article is not the opinion of the author, but rather an astrological interpretation based upon the placement of the planets in the houses of the celebrity’s birth chart. Charts are said to be less accurate when the time of birth is not known. Chart pulled, courtesy of Science of Astrology. To have your own birth chart e-mailed to you, please visit Science of Astrology


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    Awesome stuff. I enjoyed reading it.

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    The reflex is an only child he's waiting in the park
    The reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark
    And watching over lucky clover isn't that bizarre
    Every little thing the reflex does
    Leaves you answered with a question mark

    -This song is performed by Duran Duran and appears on the album Seven And The Ragged Tiger (1983) ;)