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Tiger Ridge Exotics holds open house fundraiser

Ken Hetrick with Gary, Tiger Ridge Exotic's oldest lion.
Ken Hetrick with Gary, Tiger Ridge Exotic's oldest lion.
Courtesy of Tiger Ridge Exotics

Tiger Ridge Exotics has shared animals with the people for over twenty years, taking donations only, to see lions, tigers, bears, leopards, grizzly bears and more. A long-standing community attraction, Ken Hetrick is also known for his part-time law enforcement work. Children and adults know him to be helpful, fair and a good man in the community.

The new regulations to keep certain exotic animals affects Hetrick's life of over 40 years keeping large cats and other animals by making it extremely expensive to remain legal. Ken and his daughter, Corrina, plus friends and family have worked hard to put together a family fun fundraising event for Saturday, August 24,, 2013, to help raise money to meet the requirements.

The open house begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday with a variety of animals to see, t-shirts available for purchase, face painting, raffles, live DJ, with popcorn and soda available.

A petition on, "Governor of Ohio: Keep Tiger Ridge Exotics open" is available to sign in support of Hetrick keeping the animals at the home they've known most of their lives. Many of his animals are elderly and deserve to spend their lives in familiar surroundings where they have been well cared for, for many years.

Hetrick fears euthanasia of the animals if the state uses the new regulations to confiscate due to nothing but being able to afford extensive fees. All sanctuaries in other states testified they have no room for animals without funding, making more sense to fund the animals right in their present home.

Join the fun and keep Tiger Ridge, a local icon, going strong!

Tiger Ridge Exotics

5359 Fremont Pike

Perrysburg, Ohio

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