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Tiger in fishing boat snatches man: Sushil Manjhi presumed dead after attack

A tiger jumped into a fishing boat and snatched a man in India
A tiger jumped into a fishing boat and snatched a man in India
Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

A tiger leaped into a fishing boat, snatched a man, and dragged him off as the man's children watched. The incident happened Thursday in the Sunderbans National Park in India. The New York Daily News shared the details on Friday.

The man, Sushil Manjhi, was crab fishing with his daughter and son Thursday when the shocking incident took place. The tiger jumped into the fishing boat and snatched the man by clamping his jaws around Manjhi's neck. According to Fox News, the Sushil's children tried to beat the tiger away with a knife and sticks, but to no avail. It seems the tiger dragged the man away and Manjhi is now presumed dead.

Apparently many Indians turn to crab fishing in the Sunderbans to try to get by, though the activity is illegal as the area is protected. However, the crabs bring in good money at the nearby markets. The Sunderbans National Park is one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tigers, and this is the fourth deadly tiger assault in the area this year.

Majhi, 62, often went to the area with his son, Jyotish, and daughter, Molina, to catch crabs. The Times of India indicates that the three went out to the restricted area at dawn on Thursday, and Sushil was in the middle of the boat. They had only been out for a short time when they smelled something strange and tried to retreat to a safer area.

That's when the tiger attacked. It happened so suddenly that it took a moment for Jyotish and Molina to register what had happened. Nearby fisherman rushed to try to help, but the tiger raced into the woods with Sushil.

Due to the risks, nobody felt that following him was the right course of action. It seems Molina briefly lost consciousness due to the shock of the incident where the tiger leaped into the fishing boat and snatched the man. Sadly the family's efforts to get by led them to utilize a restricted area and their lives are forever changed as a result.

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