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Tiger fishing boat: Predator attacks man in boat, hauls him into swamp to feed

A tiger invaded a fishing boat this week, attacking the man inside and hauling him off to a swamp of mangroves to feed. The victim’s children were terrified to see the giant cat leap at him; in one swift motion, they said, the predator had captured their father and was gone. The Guardian News shares the frightening details on this case of nature gone wild this Saturday, June 28, 2014.

Tiger attacks man in fishing boat, drags him off to feed
Wikimedia Creative Commons, Flickr

A report on the fatal tiger fishing boat incident was filed on Friday, while the attack itself against the unsuspecting man was said to occur the day before. In eastern India, a Bengal tiger was seemingly stalking a human fisherman as prey and managed to capture him. The victim’s son said there was almost nothing he or his sibling could do; once the animal had their father, it quickly bounded away, hauling him off to a mangrove swamp to eat its hard-earned meal.

While crab fishing in Sunderbans National Park in India, the victim — who has since been identified as Sushil Manhji — was said to be enjoying the day out on the water with his daughter and oldest son. Suddenly, a tiger that had been silently creeping towards them leapt into the boat. Jyotish, Sushil’s child, was stunned to see the massive cat sink its jaws into his father, going for the neck.

As quickly as it appeared, adds Fox News, the predator was gone. Jyotish said that he and his sister quickly reached for anything in the boat to help defend their father, and though they managed to beat at the animal with fishing poles and sticks for a short time, they failed to deter it. The Bengal tiger managed to haul the man off the fishing boat and back into the water before escaping with the body, dragging it into the shade of the mangrove trees.

"The big tiger quickly flung my father on his back and gave a giant leap before disappearing into the mangrove forest," said the devastated young man in an emergency phone call in the West Bengal state.

Jyotish’s father is presumed to be dead. Although this tiger in a fishing boat scare might seem to be an extremely rare incident, every day millions of men and women from India work to scavenge the area’s rivers and forests. Each day, they are threatened by wild animals and similarly scavenging predators, not unlike this killer tiger.

However, police officials investigating the tragic attack near the protected swamp say that Sushil Manhji should not have been crab fishing in his boat within the Sunderbans Park in the first place, as doing so in the reserve is illegal. However, as both Sushil’s son and daughter can attest, dozens of villagers still fish for crabs within the reserve because they need the money and food, and crabs from the area can be sold for a high price at local Indian markets.

Wildlife officials from the Sunderbans say that this is the fourth recorded deadly incident of a tiger attack in the reservation park in 2014 alone. Rangers warn that tigers can be especially lethal predators because they can strike without warning and know where to attack, even on humans — often going for the neck — in order to most easily haul their victim away and feed. Sunderbans National Park remains one of the biggest reserves in the entire world that is home to the powerful Bengal tiger. However, their numbers continue to dwindle as illicit poaching against these animals continues year after year.

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