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Tiger Cub born at Indy Zoo

It is a wonderful time to visit the Indianapolis zoo with the annual celebration of International Tiger Day on July 29, the Zoo proudly
announced the tiger cub was born at 6:48pm on July 10. as one of the largest cat species, the powerful and majestic Amur
tiger, is at risk of vanishing from the wild, the recent birth of a healthy cub at the Indianapolis Zoo serves as a reminder of the need for conservation efforts to secure a strong future for this species. It’s the first cub for 6-year-old Andrea. Mother and cub are both doing well, though they will remain in a private indoor area for several weeks to protect the health of the newborn.
While adult Amur tigers are among the most formidable predators on the planet, newborn cubs are blind and rely solely on their mothers for survival. Zookeepers said Andrea immediately showed excellent maternal behavior and has proven to be a wonderful mother to the cub.

The newcomer, whose gender is not yet known, brings the number of Amur tigers at the Zoo to four, including 7-year-old male Petya, the cub’s first-time father, and 11-year-old female Cila, one of several other tigers born previously at the Zoo. Revered for their strength and size, Amur tigers appear throughout the folklore of cultures in western and central Asia, where these awe-inspiring animals once numbered in the tens of thousands. However, by the 1940s, the estimated wild population had dwindled to fewer than 50 due mainly to heavy poaching and deforestation. Since then, conservation efforts have helped the Amur tiger, one of six surviving tiger sub-species, rebound from the brink of extinction. Estimates still indicate less than 500 survive in the wild, scattered across nearly 15,000 square miles of far east Russia. Once known as Siberian tigers, 155 Amur tigers currently in Association of Zoos and Aquariums facilities in North America.

Though the Zoo’s new cub has yet to be named, the public will have the chance weigh in on that decision through a naming poll on the Zoo’s Facebook page. More details will be announced soon.

Indianapolis Zoo babies are presented by Community Health Network. For more information you can visit online at The Indianapolis Zoo is located in White River State Park downtown Indianapolis. As always the Indianapolis Zoo makes a great day trip.

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