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Tiger and Buddha, happy together

The strength of a Tiger
The strength of a Tiger
Chicago Sun Times

For 13 minutes on February 19, 2010, Tiger Woods read from a prepared statement in an attempt to apologize, explain and atone for his “inappropriate behavior”. Within his statement he referred to his spiritual practice of Buddhism and how it was a part of his life growing up. Tiger talked briefly about how he was taught the religion by his mother, Kathilda, and that he had wandered away from Buddhism during his adult life. He now has decided to go back to his spiritual roots and practice the beliefs he held so dearly as a child. How can that be said? Because Woods admitted he practiced the religion faithfully as he was growing up.

From a Christian perspective, it is clear that as a child is raised it is imperative that parents instill some type of moral beliefs in their children. I applaud the Woods’ for attempting to raise Tiger with a foundation of religious beliefs and morality. Unfortunately, the practice of Buddhism relies on MAN’s atempt to correct and control his own behavior. Tiger is trying to change and that is admirable. However, if he continues to rely on self, he will find in time he will fall short of his goal.

Why, how can you condemn Tiger’s efforts to failure? How can you be so callous and hard, you may ask? The true fact of the matter is simply that if man attempts to change, all by himself, he will fail.

As a Bible believing Christian, we are taught to trust in Christ as our redeemer and savior. We are taught through prayer and God’s Word, that we are to bring our requests and petitions to God. Nowhere in Tiger’s words was there any direction, other than his own, for him to go. He is relying on himself, as taught by Buddhism, to redeem his past transgressions. The only way for real forgiveness and redemption of sins is to confess with your mouth to God and ask HIM for forgiveness. Jesus Christ loves us all and longs for a personal relationship with us. He will forgive us if we just believe in Him and ask forgiveness. As a Christian we have a place to go, a direction to follow and a path to redemption.

Tiger, Christ is alive and well, Siddhartha Gautama is not. Buddha was just a man, Jesus is the Sovereign, the Creator, the King of Kings. You can settle for humanism, I hope it goes your way but don’t count on it.